Good Things

Beverage Blessing

Have a youth leader or youth group member(s) go and buy packages of pop in a can. Then fill up a big cooler with ice and put the cans in there. Take the cooler to a park, or fair or just stand on a street corner and hand them out to people on a hot day. If they ask you why you can tell them it is just a practical way to share God’s love. You get tons of different reactions.

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Bibles and Burritos!

Have your teens bring $5.00 and head to Taco Bell. Have each teen buy 5 burritos. Then stuff a brown lunch sack with one burrito, a napkin, and a small paperback bible. Then go to a park and distribute the bags! You’ll be amazed at how fast they go…and how astonished the recieving people are!

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A friendly gesture for some you care about!

You go and buy lots of candy canes. Buy all different sizes and colors or go traditional red-white stripes. Put some on toothpicks that you taped on them. These will be canes that you stick in that special person’s yard. You can do as many of these as you like.(If ground is hard , use bobby pins or other harder material) Make a sign for the yard that you are trying to cane. It’s a great uplift for the pastor or youth minister. Since the canes are shaped like a shepherd’s hook ,your sign could say something like… Thanks for being the Best Shepherd …signed Your Sheep.(or any other witty thing you can come up with.) After placing all the things that get stuck in the ground ,next toss out alot of small candy canes all over the lawn. When you are done the yard should look like a red-white striped sea! Have fun planning and doing this one with your youth group. Oh and one more thing since you will be doing this at night. Let the local law enforcement know what you are going to do so that if someone calls the police, the police have already been let in on the harmless fun. Now go cane someone!

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Car Wash Labor of Love

buckets, soap, rags, hose

As a treat for Labor Day, our children’s church washed all of the cars in our church parking lot while they were attending service. We left a note on each car saying thank you for their service. Everyone was surprised and extremely happy.

[Ed. Note: Some people are protective of their cars and their paint jobs. If you do decide to use this idea, be especially careful and make sure the kids are well supervised.]

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Car Window Wash

Go to a local friendly Bank get permission from the bank staff to wash automobile windows of customers as they come through the drive thru, wear name tags with the church or youth group you represent. Everyone likes somet’s reactions.

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Cashier Kindness

When in the grocery store, gas station, or other store, buy the cashier a pop or candy bar. You’ll shock em, especially during very busy hours.

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Change for Good

Have the kids start collecting their or their family’s spare change in a can or something. During youth outings, etc gather up the spare change & give to the many ideas listed here — like “Pay People’s Parking”, “Free Lunch”, etc.

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Doggie Dish

At your next bazaar, carnival or booth at a fair have a big bowl of fresh water for any dogs who may be walking their owners that day. (The owners will appreciate the thought too!)

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Encouragement Cards

We do this at our youth retreats: Our youth pastor prints off little papers called Encouragement Cards with a space to write a little note and they have a Bible verse on the bottom about building each other up. Everyone writes words of encouragment to each other throughout the weekend. But if you are going to do this make sure you print a lot off, we always run out!

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Everyday Thanksgiving

At the end of each day, think about all that your family did for you.
Take the time to thank them for each thing you can remember. If this is done daily, how much thanksgiving will your family offer to God by the end of the week? It would then be a joy to offer that sacrifice of praise in His sanctuary on Sunday morning!

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