Slave Auction

At a morning tea after church (which members of your youth group cater for), or during your normal youth group time, auction off Youth Group members and leaders as slaves. Ask someone in your church (not a youth leader, as they are likely to fetch the best prices) to act as the auctioneer, and present each “slave” for auction, and use photos of anyone who could not be there for the auction. Once a slave is purchased, present the slave owner with a certificate of ownership that specifies the name of the purchaser, name of the slave, & conditions of ownership. The certificate we use is headed “Certificate of Purchase” and reads:

This is to certify that the above named is now the proud owner of ___________, a Slave from FREAKS. This certificate entitles the recipient to take their purchased slave to a place of their choosing between 7 – 8:45 pm Friday 6 August, 1999 to perform tasks (within the bounds of the law) of their choosing. It is expected that the purchaser will put their slave to work and will then return their slave to the point of purchase, having received value for their outlaid money. FREAKS thanks you for your participation in this fund raising event.

Have a space for the auctioneer to sign and date it. Also give each purchaser a receipt (this helps your own record keeping if you use a carbon copy receipt book.) You may like to have all slaves perform their duties during your normal Youth Group time the next week, or have the slave owners and slaves work out a mutually acceptable time. In that case you should specify the length of time the duties should take. If you have the slaves perform their duties during the next Youth Group meeting time, have the owners drop them back to Youth Group 15 minutes early and provide supper for everyone, and perhaps have a feedback time, discussing their experience, and relate it to Matthew 20 v. 20 – 28.

NB: If you have kids from outside your church in your youth group, make sure you send a personal invitation to the auction to their parents. Morning tea time is a less threatening time to come than to church, but make sure they feel welcome to come to church beforehand, too. This has become an annual event for our youth group, and church members and kids alike love the fellowship together, not to mention the owners getting some stuff done they don’t normally have time to do or hate doing! And the Youth Group raises money. Make sure you let all bidders know what the money will go towards. Have fun!

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Meal Auction

Have members of the church contribute a full meal that can be put up for bid in an auction. The “chef” must make up a menu of the meal to be auctioned. Also have them come up with a specific number of people who will be served. Have an auctioneer who will co-ordinate all the bidding. A good idea is not to let anyone know the identity of the “chef” until it has been purchased. This is a great way for people to get to know others whom they don’t normally have contact with. All monies raised at this auction went towards the youth group and their related ministries. The youth are also available to help with preparation and clean up of the meals, as well as babysitting where necessary. The purchaser of the meal is responsible for setting up time with the chef as to when the meal will take place. When we put on this event our lowest bid was $255.00 and our high was $2750.00 for a dinner for 6!!!

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Parent Banquet Night

Have a banquet for all the parents of the youth…either a Christmas or Valentines day banquet and cook food have waiters and waitresses and have a live program full of talent after, we did this and it was a HUGE sucess and we got parents and the youth involved and its a lot of fun for everyone!!

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Winter Flowers

Instead of flamingos, our youth “planted” flowers in our church members yards. We spent one friday night making flowers with Bible verses, christian sayings, and the name of our youth out of paper plates and markers. We cut 5 triangles out around the edges to look like petals. Then, we opened metal hangers straight. We bent the hangers in the center to make a stem. We punched 2 holes in the center of the paper flower and pushed thru the ends of the hanger from front to back. To secure the flower to the hanger, we put a large piece of packing tape on the back. After dark, we snuck up to the home and put 25 flowers in their front yard along with a note on the front door explaining who we were and why the flowers were in the yard. The next morning, the family wakes up to find their flowers. If they wanted to pass the flowers on, they gave us $10.00 and a name and address. If not, we thanked them and removed the flowers. We spent ~ $30.00 in supplies, and in 2 weekends (Friday and Saturday night) wehave made almost $400.00! We started with 4 homes a night, and last weekend we had 11 homes a night. Most are so pleased and blessed by the message on the flowers….some have even asked to keep one! Flamingoes were a little too expensive for my youth budget…so we improvised. Hope this can help you like it did us!

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Soup Fundraiser

Our church has done this for several years and had lots of success. We begin advertising at least 3 weeks prior to the fundraiser about the soup.

We have parents of our youth and the youth come up the Saturday before the fundraiser and prepare the soup. It is usually just a simple vegetable/meat soup that is very quick to make. It is very basic with little seasoning due to some people in our church not handling lots of spices. We put it in 32oz containers (we bought simple styrofoam 32oz containers with plastic lids from SAMS). We then contacted our local Sonic and explained the fundraiser and asked that they donate some cup holders (for those buying multiple containers). Once the soup is prepared we sell it Sunday morning following our church service. We had some youth by one exit of the sanctuary with a rolling cart and the soup and the others in the fellowship hall. We asked the church members to donate as they see fit for the soup. The best thing about this soup is that it is usually used as a starter basically meaning that they go home and add to it the seasonings they like and it is easily frozen so they don’t mind buying lots of it.

We made sixty containers and made $400.00 easily. Another suggestion is to announce weeks ahead that you need help getting the ingredients put a list in the bulletin and ask that they help donate ingredients so that you can make a clear profit. We did this fundraiser in January on a cold Sunday and sold every bit of it within 15 minutes after church. The preparation the Saturday before took about 2 hours with all the help so for appx 2 hours and 15 minutes of work we had $400.

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Trash Bash

Our youth group had a Trash Bash recently. The youth picked up the trash along the road where our church is located. We went from the church to the closest Highway, 5 miles. We divided the youth into groups, with each group walking 1 mile. We also had 2 adults with each group. The youth were told to get pledges from people. Most people donated from 25 cents to a dollar for every bag of trash we collected. We had 15 youth show up and we collected over $1,600.00 for a little over 2 hours of work.

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Cross Crafters

This can be for a youth fund raiser or gifts for a special occasion, such as Christmas, or Awards. Buy some 2 inch old fashioned cut nails at the hardware store, some thin copper wire and have youth make crosses out the material. It will take 3 nails per cross and about one foot of wire. Cost, around 5 cents each. You can add a fishing swivel, and lentel material for necklace. Tthis is a great project and can be sold for as much as $10.00 each or can be used as gifts to others for just pennies. They can also be placed in gift boxes (found at your local jeweler) with a little description and explanation of the cross for an added touch.

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Silent Sunday

You need pledge sheets for each teen. They get pledges per hour. Between the Sunday morning and evening service, the teens are not allowed to talk. Have them bring homework or a book to read. Every hour, give them a 5 minute break to go to the restroom and ask questions. If they talk during the quiet time, they lose their pledge for that hour.

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Valentine Dinner for Two

Our very small teen group has managed to do this fund raiser for several years now and it has been very successful and the members of our church love it. We ask those in the community with small card tables if we can use them for an evening and then we decorate our fellowship hall with Valentine decorations and set the tables up individually designed for a romantic dinner for two (tablecloths make it look nicer). We try to make a nice dinner with appetizer, main course, and dessert and the couples call ahead (at least a week) to make reservations and they eat by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. The teens act as the waiters and waitresses (dressed in nice clothes as well). The good food, decorations, candles, reservations, and music make it a nice change from the usual church dinners. Usually we can only fit around 15 couples in the area we have so reservations are important. We have also had door prizes for things like longerst married couple or shortest married couple.

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Singing Christmas Cards

Have youth group advertise well in advance. Tell family/friends instead of mailing a plain card put a little spirit in them. The youth group will purchase Christmas cards (or any holiday), then will hand deliver the cards and at the same time sing a Christmas carol. As you are at the home have a spokes person tell the receiver this singing Christmas card is from. Charge a small fee or ask for donations. This was a great fundraiser plus an activity for the youth to participate and the homes we “delivered” cards to seemed to be blessed.

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