Christmas Card Delivery

Encourage church members to drop off cards for other church members at the church building. For a nickel or dime per card, sort the cards and deliver them to staff members’ mail slots, church members’ after Sunday services or by car to shut-ins. Set up a table in your church foyer for church members to drop off more cards or stop by to pick up any mail. Advertise this activity in November and encourage church members to mail their cards early. Charge an extra nickel for each card “mailed” after December 20th. *** I think it might be a good idea to offer Christmas cards to be purchased at the table as well to help make extra money.

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24 hour event. Each participant signs up sponsors for every hour he/she rocks on a rocking chair. Rules: 1.) Everyone provides their own chair. 2.) Each participant must rock for at least 4 hours in succession. 3.) Time breaks only allowed for trips to the bathroom. 4.) The chair must be moving at all times. Hold the event in a large room and provide movies/TV, tape recorders for music, Coke, cookies, juice, etc. Have supporters to help keep people awake and moving. Pizza and other stuff for meals should be provided by church members if possible. Keep track of times and money raised and announce it to kids as they go along to help motivate them.

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Prayer/Money Warriors

This is a great way to raise money and also gather prayer warriors for your student ministry.
Announce to the church that you are seeking XX number of people to pray for the student ministry in general and help by not only praying but for each individual to support the student ministry by giving 5 dollars a month. Couples could sign up for 10 dollars a month. Keep a record of all who sign-up… youth can also be on this list. Each month send out a list of prayer needs for the student ministry and a list of answered prayers.

This can be a phenomenal fund raiser as it doesn’t hit anybody too hard in their pocket book but it really adds up over time. Most churches would be able to find at least 50 people to join Prayer Partners. If you do and all 50 give their 5 dollars then you will end up with $250 per month. and $3,000 at the end of the year. 100 people (The Century Club) would earn your student ministry $6,000 per year. Its actually pretty incredible. You meet two needs that most student ministries have…money and prayer. And if you don’t have a need for money, then a prayer group that simply prays is a great idea too. Hope this helps you out, it has been a headache free fundraiser for us and it continues year after year and the club only gets larger every year.

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Pie Throw

This is lots of fun and gets the whole church involved. Have a couple of key people in your church volunteer to receive a pie (like Youth Pastor, Pastor, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, etc). The object is to get the highest bid for the opportunity to throw the pie. Let’s say Youth Leader Daniela is up next. Anyone who wants to throw the pie in her face has to bid on the pie, and the highest bidder gets to throw the pie. Only one pie per volunteer and all of the proceeds can go towards missions or whatever your church is currently raising money for. My husband is in the Army and they do it in his unit and raise lots of money.

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Pancake Supper and Syrup War

On a warm summer night, plan a pancake supper and charge donations. Make it known a couple of Sundays in advance, That there will be “some kind of show put on by the youth”.

On the night of the pancake supper, after everyone is full, go to the parking lot of the church, (where you will already have a rubber swimming pool, full of water, set up.) and announce that for a dollar, anybody can have any youth, youth worker, or the pastor, dunked! (You might want to get his consent first if you like working there.)

Remember to bring towels. The youth need to bring a change of clothes. (The youth pastor too. BELIEVE ME.)

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It’s in the Bag!

If you have a local grocery store that doesn’t have baggers call and see if they have a program that allows groups to come in and bag for donations. We raised $550 in just five hours. This is a great way to witness to your community, they always want to now who you are and your purpose for being there.

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We got this idea off of , we just added a few things to it. What we did was went out and purchased about 24 pink flamingo yard ornaments. They run about $9-10 a pair & probably can be found at your local nursery. (We had to special order ours ) We typed up a letter 8.5×11/order form 1/2 sheet (order form should state who the form is from) & stapled them together.

This is what the letter said: You have just been Flamingo’d!!! If you would like to send these flamingos to someone else for a cost of 5$ please fill out the paper provided, leave the order form & the money in your door & our youth group will be by between 5-6pm tommorrow to pick up the flamingos & order form then deliver them to your unexpected friend. Won’t they be surprised to find a heard of pink flamingos in their yard!!! Our youth group will be donating 20% of all procedes to ______________ (Pick a local charity, we donated to our area Handivan service. Well over $400.00!!!)We put our phone number on the letter also in case they needed to give us special instruction for delivery or a later in the week delivery…

This will take a lot of organization & complete dedication from your youth group & some adults. We did this for a span of 2 months, 6 nights a week. We only have a youth group of 14 kids. You will be sick of flamingo’s if you decide to do it for 2 months , but we made over $2400.00!! At the end of the fundraiser we invited the president of the Handivan ministry to our church presented him with the check, took some pictures of him & the youth group put it in the local paper. We not only taught our kids to give out of the abundance they had received from this fundraiser, but it got our church noticed in the community. The people had so much fun with it. We had one lady pay 40$ to put 12 flamingo’s in a friends yard for her birthday!

Here is how it would work . The youth would deliver flamingos to someone in the church, place a letter with a order form stapled to the back in their screen door of the home they are delivering to. That person will fill out the order form to send to someone who does NOT attend the church stick the money & order form in an envelope put them back in the door to be picked up the next day. Be sure to put directions in the letter of how to put the money in an envelope,… in the door… Make checks payable to… The youth will go the next day pick up the flamingos & money/ filled out order forms. Staple the filled out order form to the front of an already prepared letter /(empty) order form. Put that in the door you are suppose to deliver to, place 2-3 flamingos in thier yard….so on & on so. (Kind of like a chainletter) We set up schedules where we had different groups delivering each night, so it is important to write down where you have left the flamingos the night before so the next nights group knows where to pick up at!!! Also we ended up a few nights with no orders to deliver flamingos to, so we kept a reserve of friends & family we could send flamingos to. We had so much fun doing this & the community went crazy over it! It was a hoot to see the look on people’s faces when they seen those hidious things all over town.

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Toilet Fundraiser

Toilet Fund Raiser

Somehow procure a toilet (preferably clean) I do not need to know how you got it, just get one.
You will also need some teen volunteers who can haul the toilet around.

Start off by making an announcement in the church that the youth are having a fundraiser. Tell the congregation the rules of this fundraiser.

The Rules/Stipulations are as follows.
You have this toilet delivered to someone’s house
It is placed in a very prominent location (such as the front lawn)
To have the toilet removed the person who’s house the toilet is at must call and have the teens remove it. Each house call is 5 dollars. Included in this house call is them delivering it to someone else’s house. It’s a vicious cycle. There is only one way to get out of having it placed in your lawn. You can pay the youth group an insurance fee (but notice if the other party is willing to pay more than you paid for insurance your insurance plan is null and void).

Notice, you must have the right congregation to pull this off, some people may not see the humor involved here.

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T-Shirt Challenge

This fundraiser was used with the Middle School aged youth but could be for any age.

The youth got into groups and worked on t-shirt designs with a Christian message. They were given a few limitations such as the use of 2 colors – that could be a colored t-shirt with a different color writing or it could be a white t-shirt with 2 colors in writing/design. We took the designs to a local t-shirt screening place and they worked with us on design setup, pricing and sales. In our case, they waived the setup fee and only required a minimum of 24 t-shirts be sold of each style. The t-shirts were sold for $10 each (very reasonable) and made sales easy.

The youth sold all 4 styles but the style that made the most money (not necessarily the most t-shirts sold) – the team that designed it got a special prize. The youth really took ownership into this fundraiser as it was their work – so they were very proud to sell it. The designs used were “Got God” (white t-shirt with black writing), “Smile, He’s Watching You” (using a big yellow smiley face on black t-shirt), “Trix are for kids, Jesus is Everyone” (Red shirt with white writing) and “It’s more than just a story” (white t-shirt with green hill, brown crosses and writing). One thing to watch for is copyright issues but the screen printing business can help you with that. The youth really enjoyed this fundraiser and really did very well in funds raised in a short amount of time.

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Community Auction & Social

To prepare, the youth group needs to go to people and businesses collecting donations that may be auctioned off, making it clear what the money collected will be used for. Perhaps there are some businesspeople in the congregation that can donate items or services such as haircuts, daycare, art, etc. The number of different items are endless. Youth may also volunteer items to be auctioned such as 4 hours of babysitting. A group of 3 or 4 boys may volunteer 8 hours of labour to be auctioned. The larger the variety of the items auctioned off, the better.
Designate a night for the social. When I have been involved, it has been held as a valentine event. Charge admission to cover the cost of hors d’ourves or desserts. Arrange for there to be some type of entertainment for the evening, either from the youth and the church or from a college ministry team if you have access to one.
When the people arrive on the night of the auction, have the different items to be auctioned off arranged on tables around the room with a piece of paper accompanying each item for people to write their name and bid on. The bid on each item will rise as people try and outbid each other for the things they want. Set a time for the bidding to end, and at that time, collect all sheets.
Have people take their seats, serve the food/desserts, and announce the winning bidders for each item, interrupting the periods of announcement with whatever entertainment you have planned.
At a church of 200 people with a youth group of 20-30, this event regularly raised between $1,000 and $1,300! If anyone donates a big-ticket item, it may add a nice touch to auction that off at the end. Planning is everything.

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