Valentine’s Sale / Delivery

Each January our youth group makes homemade valentines. We cut magazine pictures, use paper doilies, stickers, etc. to decorate. We use Bible verses or other quotations for the inside verse. Then we sell them for $1 to parishioners for a Sunday or 2 before Valentine’s day. We encourage parishioners to send them to seniors or shut-ins or to other church or family members nearby. On the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, the youth & I deliver them to the homes. It’s a great way for the youth to become acquainted with the older folks who love to have company. It saves parishioners money and gives them the opportunity to remember someone they may not have otherwise. It’s a wonderful project for many reasons.

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We have raised $100’s with this idea. Solicit pledges from congregation members & local residents for the total amount of trash collected (# of bags or lbs of trash). Ahead of time, contact your city street & sanitation dept & ask if they will assist (ours provides free trash bags, free pickup & crews working signs). Also, contact local media. On Trash-a-Thon day, send teams into the neighborhood to collect trash from roadsides, bag & return to pickup area to be counted or weighed in. This is a GREAT fundraiser as well as an excellent servant event!

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Start this fundraiser about 4 weeks before Valentine’s Day. In bulletins, place decorated cards in which church members may write a message to anyone in church. When they are done, have the church members give the cards and a dollar to any youth group member. The Sunday of Valentine’s Day, a print out of the names of all those who have received a Kiss-O-Gram are placed in the bulletin, overhead projector, etc. Church members are told to get their message with a Hershey Kiss on a table at the back of the church. Simple fundraiser and our church loves sending multiple messages to everyone!

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Box Maze

Get local businesses to donate boxes (big enough for large people to crawl through)and purchase box tape for around $100 dollars and build a giant maze in a donated warehouse. It takes around 3 or more days to build depending on experience. You will need box cuters, tape, box fans, tables, and knee pads to rent out. You create a giant maze people crawl through. Charge around $5-$10 and discounts for groups. We raised over $1700 dollars doing it. IT IS ALSO FUN FUN FUN!

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Bottles and Cans

To help raise money for our annual dinner, we have a drive where church members and friends and family donate their empty cans and bottles. We then take them to the grocery store and cash them in. You will be suprised on how much money you can raise.

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Ever heard of a BoxAthon? Well once your youth have tried it, they will be begging to do it again and again.

The concept is simple … You raise pledges to live in a box for 24 hours.

Have your youth gather up Fridge, Stove, Freezer, Wash / Dryer Boxes (all that you can get for free at the end of delivery days for any major retailer), have them bring box cutters, and a large roll of duck tape. We allow our girls to make “apartments” with girls and guys with guys, by joining their boxes to make large forts. They are allowed to bring items to keep them entertained (you can set any number of limits, we allow them to bring portable TV’s, Video Game Stations, and such, but we censor all material first and they are responsible to bring their own extension cords for these items as well as food). The less you have to supply as the leader the better. Give them about 1 to 2 hours to complete their structures, and then send them in their boxes. We allow 5 minutes on every hour to use the bathroom and stretch. I recommend doing this activity outside if possible, we just did one in our churchs gym (since it was January and all) and just the fragments from the cut boxes was a big enough mess, let alone all the trash teens make. Be prepared that your teens will get anxious toward the end, but overall they are going to have a great time!

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Christmas in July

We did this for an activity night at our youth group but it could easily work as a fundraiser as well.

I’m from Australia and in December it’s summer, so it’s pretty hot. As a result a lot of people don’t necessarily have ‘traditional’ Christmas meals (they have prawns on the BQQ and green salads, stuff like that). As a result people sometimes have Christmas in July meals so they can have a traditional roast dinner.

We cooked up a bunch of roasts and roast vegetable, two types of soup and a few different types of desserts. We had the youth leaders be waiters for the kids. We also had door prizes and a gift swapping game. It was a formal dinner and all the youth dressed up. We even made up menus and stuff for the dinner.

To make this a fundraiser all you have to do is advertise it at your church and sell tickets to the congregation. Have members of your youth group (and leaders) be waiters for the night. We found it useful to find volunteers who would cook a roast at home and then bring it on the night.

It was a lot of work, and there was a heap of cleaning up to do, but it was fun.

If you’re north of the equator you could do the opposite of what we did and have an ‘Aussie’ Christmas in July.

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In an effort to increase the involvement of our teens in fundraisers, I have initiated an incentive plan. The basic idea is this: For each dollar that a teen raises through the event, 50 cents goes to the youth group and 50 cents goes into the youth group account but is put aside in their names only to be used for youth group activities. We did a rock-a-thon and because of this incentive we were able to raise over $1,000.00 ($500 for the youth group and another $500 for the teens involved.) And this happened with only with 10 teens involved. Now even the kids whose parents don’t have a lot of money can afford to go to concerts and retreats because they have money in their account. Just an idea that happened to work.

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Variation Of A Movie

Our youth group liked the story of Ruth and Boas so much that we wanted to make a play out of it. We chose a “Grease” like theme and altered thing to fit into the ’70. We make this a fundraiser by making it a ’70’s dinner and “movie”. The whole “movie was filmed in advanced by scene and was complete with reconstructed Grease songs written to fit the story of Ruth and Boas. You can do this with any Bible story and add a modern theme to it.

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Who’s gonna kiss a pig?!

This idea is geared towards getting the entire church body involved in teen activity.
First you get three big jars (like those big pickle jars) and the teens will then vote on three different elders of the church that they would like to see kiss a pig.
Once that is accomplished you hold an event for the whole church to attend (several months later after the voting preferably… to attain more funds of course.)
Where you get the actual pig is up to you… but you should buy a pair of wax lips so that the winner/loser (depending on how ya look at it haha) will not actually have to place their lips on the pig.
But this fundraiser leaves room for the whole church to be involved and at the event you can have many other fundraisers.

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