Pizza Fundraiser

Here is a fundraiser that you can really sink your teeth into. Make up order forms to give to the youth to hand to people within the church or community. On it you need to have the cost for the pizza (we did $10 and a buck for toppings), the toppings with a place to check the desired topping off and their name and address (so they can deliver them to the right place.) The pizzas are not cooked, all they need to do is put the pizza in the oven and cook it to their desired crispness. One the day the group makes the pizza, form an assembly line with the pre-made pizza shells at the head of the table, then sauce people, the cheese people, etc. It is a blast for the youth to do and make sure to make some extra’s for snacks. Any food distribution center in your city should have the ingredients and pizza boxes to put the pizza in (make sure you wrap the pizzas with saran wrap in case the people want to freeze the pizzas for an extended period of time). We made over $1000 and we plan on doing this annually.

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Plant a Seed

Get a local plant store to either donate or sell some plants to your youth group at a cheap price Make a tag with each kid in your group and place it on the front of the plant and have people from the congregation adopt a plant with a youth member’s name on it. Explain that each day they water that plant they are to pray for the name that is on it. They can adopt it for a donation price or you can put a price on it,and you could even make up an adoption agreement to go along with it.

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Pocket Change Sunday

This is something we started at my church to continually bring in some sort of funds for our youth groups. One Sunday a month we have the youth stand at all the exits with some sort of a basket. As people leave the building, the take all their pocket change and place it into the baskets. The results were excellent. This allowed the congregation to feel at ease about what they were giving. Many times people feel like they have to donate, but Pocket Change Sunday is different. People almost never struggle with the concept of giving their pocket change away. Most of the time, people don’t even want their change. As time has gone on, people have even written checks on Pocket Change Sunday as a donation. This idea was brought about with hopes to earn enough money to buy a new church van. We now have a new church van. This can definitely work for you.

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Poinsettias for Missions

My former church has a company that they order poinsettias from, we charge around 11 or 12 bucks for huge plants, and make quite a bit of money doing this.

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Prayer Picture

For this fundraiser you will need to take pictures of each student or the group of students who are trying to raise money. It is best to use a digital camera for the pictures as it will cut down on your overall cost. You will then print out several 4×6 pictures (We printed in black & white to save money) of each student or group picture, place it in a cheap frame, and sell them for donations during or after a church function. Have a list detailing the pictures you are selling and who is buying them and have the purchaser sign the sheet and commit to pray for the student(s) in the picture they purchased. You can put personal information on the actual picture so that the purchaser will know something about the student they are supporting. Obviously, you can change things to fit your particular group. It might be helpful to contact local craft stores and ask for donations of cheap frames or paper to print on. This fundraiser is a great way to connect the adult congregation with the youth in your church and to promote prayer rather that simply solicit financial aid. Enjoy!

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Prayer/Money Warriors

This is a great way to raise money and also gather prayer warriors for your student ministry.
Announce to the church that you are seeking XX number of people to pray for the student ministry in general and help by not only praying but for each individual to support the student ministry by giving 5 dollars a month. Couples could sign up for 10 dollars a month. Keep a record of all who sign-up… youth can also be on this list. Each month send out a list of prayer needs for the student ministry and a list of answered prayers.

This can be a phenomenal fund raiser as it doesn’t hit anybody too hard in their pocket book but it really adds up over time. Most churches would be able to find at least 50 people to join Prayer Partners. If you do and all 50 give their 5 dollars then you will end up with $250 per month. and $3,000 at the end of the year. 100 people (The Century Club) would earn your student ministry $6,000 per year. Its actually pretty incredible. You meet two needs that most student ministries have…money and prayer. And if you don’t have a need for money, then a prayer group that simply prays is a great idea too. Hope this helps you out, it has been a headache free fundraiser for us and it continues year after year and the club only gets larger every year.

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Project SAM

Project SAM (support a missionary)
Project SAM is a fundraiser for a youth group who are preparing for an upcoming missions trip.

The goal of project SAM is to :
-to connect older members of our congregation with our student missions projects
– secure prayer for our students as they prepare
– raise appropriate funds for the trip.

I asked people to sign up (or call the youth leader). We asked them to:

1. Commit to pray for the student as they prepared for the mission project,
2. Pray for the student each day we were on the mission. We handed out prayer cards with our schedule, what exactly that student would be doing that day: puppets, singing, sharing her testimony.
3. We had students send postcards from our mission destination-home to their supporters
4. We had a commissioning service for our students before they went away and asked the supporters to be there. We then asked all the students to stand on the stage and their supporters to stand behind them as we prayed a commissioning prayer (quite a powerful sight with over 60 ppl on stage laying hands on the students).
5. Most imporatant, we made students do a personal visit with their supporter to share pic’s and stories of the trip and how God used them.
6. We asked each supporter to contribute $25 a month for 4 months (or they could just give the $100 all at once).

We had over 30 people sign up which was an easy way to raise $3000.

How did I get people? I targeted certain people and groups.
1. I approached specific empty nesters who had disposable income.
2. I approached the missions groups in our churches,
3. I approached small groups and asked if they would like to work together on this project and sponsor a student.
4. I encouraged some students to ask their grandparents if they would support them.

This was easy to organize, and very effective way to raise funds and build excitement about student missions church-wide!

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Pumpkin Auction

Just before Halloween, the youth carve and paint pumpkins. After church on Sunday they auction off the pumpkins at a silent auction. Very simple and lots of fun. We try to coordinate this with a soup and sandwich fundraiser sponsored by the fellowship committee.

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Quick Firewood Fundraiser

For free, our local lumbermill gave us a couple of truckloads of their dry off cuts from the lumber. It makes great kindling. We worked with the men’s group with this idea, but it did take some work. Set a time to get orders in, we charged $15.00 a trailer load. Get the wood delivered or if you can collect from the mill even better, then have the youth help load and unload with the adults. Treat the kids afterwards but keep an eye on things sometimes the orders can get out of hand.

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We needed to raise money for a trip we were going to take, so we decided to do a raffle.
We bought a stereo 3 cd changer/2 cassette player for $99.99. Sold the raffle tickets at $5.00 each and decided that the 3rd ticket out of the bowl would be the lucky one. The first two tickets that were taken out, were given a consolation prize which was their $5.00 dollars back.
It was a good fundraiser we made $180.00 dollars in profits(you might want to sell the tickets for a little more).

[Ed. Note: Better yet, visit local businesses and see what you can get donated… 100% profit is always a good thing. :)]

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