Food for Auctions!

I come from a small church, and we maybe have 8-10 youth in our core youth group. This is a great fundraiser for smaller youth groups. It tends to work better with pre-teens and teenagers.

We have a gentleman in our church who is a local auctioneer. Each year, he allows our youth group to sell the concessions during some of the auctions. Ask around; chances are there are auctions locally that need your help selling concessions. A lot of the auctions we’ve done are all-day events beginning early in the morning and lasting into the evening. A couple hundred people usually attend each auction.

We are set up prior to the auction selling coffee and donuts. Shortly after, we begin selling hot dogs, chili dogs, chips, cookies, other baked goods, and drinks (water goes well, especially during hot days!) Some local businesses will even donate items if it’s for a good cause. We ask ladies of the church to donate donuts, baked goods, cookies, and chili sauce. We also hand out tracks and invitations to church with their purchase of food.

Each person is assigned tasks during the auction: one person mans the George Foreman grill and grills hot dogs, one person prepares the chili dogs, one person is the cashier and keeps track of the money, one person is in charge of drinks, and one person hands out tracks/invitations. It’s a great time to fellowship together and invite others to our church. We spend about $300 for supplies prior to the auction, but we make anywhere between $900-$1,600 selling concessions!

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Chili Cookoff

Get an appropriate number of volunteers to make appropriate size batches of chili. Number the pots of chili and serve \”samples\” (2oz. cups are great) with the corresponding chili pot number on the sample cup.

After the samples are eaten allow everyone to go through the line and get a bowl of the chili they liked best. Have a donation plate in front of each pot of chili and people vote with their donations – the chili whose plate has the most money in it is the winner. You hope for a couple of families to try and \”buy\” the chili champ title and watch the money roll in.

This is a lot of fun!

Caution: Please inform any serious / sensitive cooks that the best chili doesn\’t always win – it\’s a fundraiser!

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In an effort to increase the involvement of our teens in fundraisers, I have initiated an incentive plan. The basic idea is this: For each dollar that a teen raises through the event, 50 cents goes to the youth group and 50 cents goes into the youth group account but is put aside in their names only to be used for youth group activities. We did a rock-a-thon and because of this incentive we were able to raise over $1,000.00 ($500 for the youth group and another $500 for the teens involved.) And this happened with only with 10 teens involved. Now even the kids whose parents don’t have a lot of money can afford to go to concerts and retreats because they have money in their account. Just an idea that happened to work.

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Variation Of A Movie

Our youth group liked the story of Ruth and Boas so much that we wanted to make a play out of it. We chose a “Grease” like theme and altered thing to fit into the ’70. We make this a fundraiser by making it a ’70’s dinner and “movie”. The whole “movie was filmed in advanced by scene and was complete with reconstructed Grease songs written to fit the story of Ruth and Boas. You can do this with any Bible story and add a modern theme to it.

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Who’s gonna kiss a pig?!

This idea is geared towards getting the entire church body involved in teen activity.
First you get three big jars (like those big pickle jars) and the teens will then vote on three different elders of the church that they would like to see kiss a pig.
Once that is accomplished you hold an event for the whole church to attend (several months later after the voting preferably… to attain more funds of course.)
Where you get the actual pig is up to you… but you should buy a pair of wax lips so that the winner/loser (depending on how ya look at it haha) will not actually have to place their lips on the pig.
But this fundraiser leaves room for the whole church to be involved and at the event you can have many other fundraisers.

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Six weeks before Christmas, we started taking orders for our bake sale. We made fudge, Christmas cookies, truffles, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. We took orders for about three weeks from both our church and neighborhoods. We had a bake-in (a lock-in where we baked all night) the weekend before Christmas. The kids made everything (with a little help from some adults). We then delivered everything the next two days. The cookies and candy turned out great. We made $1500 and are a church of under 200. We set the prices to low. We only charged $2 for a dozen cookies. I would suggest raising the prices and cutting the choices some. It was a great idea that made us a ton of money towards our summer mission trip.

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Calendar Sale

Our youth group holds an annual calendar sale in September and October. Each year the sales increase because people know we will be selling them. We have individual sales (family, friends, etc) and group sale (before and after church services, in front of a local department store). The first group profits go into the youth fund while the individual profits go toward our annual trips and events.

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Pizza Fundraiser

Here is a fundraiser that you can really sink your teeth into. Make up order forms to give to the youth to hand to people within the church or community. On it you need to have the cost for the pizza (we did $10 and a buck for toppings), the toppings with a place to check the desired topping off and their name and address (so they can deliver them to the right place.) The pizzas are not cooked, all they need to do is put the pizza in the oven and cook it to their desired crispness. One the day the group makes the pizza, form an assembly line with the pre-made pizza shells at the head of the table, then sauce people, the cheese people, etc. It is a blast for the youth to do and make sure to make some extra’s for snacks. Any food distribution center in your city should have the ingredients and pizza boxes to put the pizza in (make sure you wrap the pizzas with saran wrap in case the people want to freeze the pizzas for an extended period of time). We made over $1000 and we plan on doing this annually.

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Softball Tourney

Fundraisers are not always fun. So this year when we hit a slump in our planning, we asked ourselves how do earn a lot of money and have a lot of fun? After many long hours, we came of with the idea of an area softball tournament. Our youth group supplied the concessions, the prizes, etc. To help promote unity throughout our district, the teams consisted of local church youth groups. In this kind of deal, $$$ is to be had at every turn with concessions, entry prices, and even our very own home-run hit-a-thon. We all had tons of fun and made tons of $$$, but only through a lot of prep time and teamwork.

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Kiss the Kritter

Our youth group is doing a fundraiser called “Kiss the Kritter.” We placed 8 cans with different people (from the church) pictures on the can in the hallway at church. It is a penny a vote. The Person who then gets the most votes will have to kiss a “kritter” at our fall party. The kritter is either going to be a camel, pig, or donkey. This is a good way to raise money without having to do much work. Everyone will get a laugh at our fall party also!

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