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Elders’ Ball

Plan a night just for the elders of your church (You can even send invitations made by the youth to the elders). You can have the youth serve them a nice meal dressed in nice clothing (banquet attire). You have the youth share with the elders about how they appreciate them. They can read poems, perform a song for them and read scriptures showing the worth and importance of the role of an elder. The youth can hand out letters of appreciation to each elder. You can also do it as a total surprise. Just announce in church that there will be a dinner and give date. Everyone else in the church will have already been in formed of the real event. Then when the elders arrive seat them first and then start the dinner! There can be lots of ways to do this one!

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Birth Of A New Year Party

The New Year is typically characterized by the exit of Father Time and the entrance of Baby New Year. This event is based on babies. Everyone should come dressed like a baby. The following games can be played. 1.) Best Dressed Baby 2.) Baby Picture Guess: pictures are brought and put on a wall and people are a piece of paper with the corresponding numbers and must match them up for points. 3.) Baby Buggy Race: get an old buggy or stroller for each team and have a race, relay style with each person pushing the carriage around a goal and back with a teammate riding on it. 4.) Bottle Drinking Race: fill a bottle with juice and have races.

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Turkey Bowl

This is a great idea that our student leadership team came up with for the Friday after Thanksgiving, when most of our students are off school and are bored stiff.

Meet at the church around noon for a second Thanksgiving feast. Have the students bring leftovers to share from their Thanksgiving dinners the evening before. It becomes sort of a youth group potluck.

Then split up into two groups. Have one group go to a local field to play flag football (US football). Send the other group to a local shopping mall or outlet center for “Black Friday” shopping. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year.

So many times we program toward the guys. This activity is fun for everyone.

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Children’s Mega Mingle Night

Our youth group put on a mingle party with a Veggie Tales theme for the children fellowship. We played icebreaker games that got the kids to partner up with our older youths, sang Veggie Tales karoake songs, had popcorn and juice as we watched Veggie Tales tapes. This is a fun way for your fellowships to interact with and get to know the children in your church.

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Hug Pins

Hug Pins were a favorite when I was a youth in my youth group. Each year we go on a mission trip and every three years we participate in the Presbyterian Youth Triennium and I honestly cannot remember when Hug Pins got started but before we go on our trip we gather in our youth room with lots of Sharpies and wooden clothes pins on hand. Each person going on the trip can decorate 2-3 clothes pins each and all we require is that one side of the pin have the words “Hug Pin” on them. Then when we get to a huge gathering like our Group Workcamps we try to meet as many new people as possible and give our pins away by hugging. It awesome to see how our pins get around to so many different people at camp. Some kids like to put our church initials and their name on the pins that way they can try to track them. Whenever we give away a pin we remind the person to “pin” it on themselves until they give it away and not to keep it too long!

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