Fellowship / Friendship

Dinner Theatre

Find a short play on a Christian theme. Prepare a stage in the fellowship area, where people can eat just before the performance. If you can get the food donated, all the better. Your young people are both the cast and the waiters. They should wear their costumes under neat, matching aprons (you may be able to convince some of your parents to make simple chef’s aprons for this purpose). Be sure to prepare them for serving the food as well as presenting the play. Have them work in teams, with the larger, stronger kids carrying trays of plates and the smaller ones serving (with flair and style, from the left) the people of the congregation. As soon as desserts and coffee are served, hang up the aprons and hand towels, and CURTAIN UP! Both the young people and the congregation will appreciate this special chance for the young people to serve.

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Easy Food Ideas

1.) Molded ice-cream for season: especially Christmas, Valentine’s Day
2.) S’mores: sandwich of toasted marshmallow, and chocolate between two graham crackers
3.) Watermelon and cantaloupe a la mode
4.) Make your own: cupcakes, pizza, Mexican foods, cake.
5.) Make your own sundaes with all the fixings: ice-cream, syrups, nuts, sprinkles, M&M’s, hot pudding makes a cheap “hot fudge”, whipped cream, etc

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Elders’ Ball

Plan a night just for the elders of your church (You can even send invitations made by the youth to the elders). You can have the youth serve them a nice meal dressed in nice clothing (banquet attire). You have the youth share with the elders about how they appreciate them. They can read poems, perform a song for them and read scriptures showing the worth and importance of the role of an elder. The youth can hand out letters of appreciation to each elder. You can also do it as a total surprise. Just announce in church that there will be a dinner and give date. Everyone else in the church will have already been in formed of the real event. Then when the elders arrive seat them first and then start the dinner! There can be lots of ways to do this one!

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Encouragement Plates

One of the most encouraging things I’ve found for the youth is to do “encouragement plates.” It’s very simple, fun, and has a major impact.

All you need is paper plates, duct tape, and pencils. Each teen gets a plate taped to their back and must go around to other teens and write something they like about him or her. I try to discourage generic comments. Each teen should write something on everyone else’s back. It’s fun because you get in chains and have lots of laughs over the awkwardness of it all. By the end of the night, don’t be surprised if you have tears from people who were moved by what was written about them.

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Father – Daughter Dinner

We have had great success with a Father-Daughter Dinner. We send out formal invitations to the girls inviting her and her father. Then we put together a formal diner, complete with china dinnerware and catered dinner. Before dinner we have a photographer there to take pictures of the fathers and daughters and a time to chat. After the dinner we generally have a speaker. We have had college girls talk to the fathers, adolescent girls talk to the fathers, and even fathers talking to the girls for speakers. It has become an event that the girls enjoy and look forward to each year.

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First Sunday Dinners

At every group I have been a part of, I implement First Sunday Dinners. This is where I get a different family to host a dinner on the 1st Sunday of the month. This is a TOTAL fellowship night. We break bread together and hang out. The kids seem to love it, and it helps to bring parents into the mix and give them a feeling of being a part of the ministry! It works!!!

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Fishbowl Fellowship

A.K.A. – Four-by-Four Fellowship. This idea works great for full families (possibly better) as well as the youth. It’s simple. On a designated day each child/family writes their name on a small piece of paper given to them upon arriving. A fishbowl is passed among the congregation, similar to the passing of communion or the offering plates. Each child/family places their paper in the fishbowl, and then it is passed again. This time the papers are drawn out. If the child/family pulls their name they just try again. Then, they have a certain amount of time to arrange an event with the name they drew. This could be as complex as dinner at their home or as simple as getting together at the church to play games. The idea is to promote fellowship, but not embarass anyone about money or the appearance of their home, so it’s up to them. We usually use a time period of about two months just because of how hectic schedules can be. Those families that are not able to attend can pre-arrange to have their names added. Of course, this means that each child/family will be responsible for connecting with someone as well as someone will connect with them. It’s great fun and there are so many possibilities. Then in that two months or so, do it again!!!

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Formal Fellowship Banquet

Make formal invitations and invite the youth to join you in dress clothes. Make a formal dinner in courses and have a little play or some short skits preformed by some of the youth. Have a theme for your dinner just to make it more interesting. For instance A Night With The Lord…or even decorate like they are at the pearly gates waiting to get in. My idea was to eat dinner while some youth are preforming and then having the youth go through the pearly gates for a bible study on Revelation or even on how to be saved so that one day they can really walk through the pearly gates.

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Friendship Questionnaire

Many young persons first attend a youth group with feelings of apprehension and timidity…To promote each young person’s self-confidence and to better facilitate conversation with his/her group members, a questionnaire is distributed to the class…generally at it’s initial meeting or shortly thereafter. On the questionnaire are items asking the usual, i.e. height, hair color, eye color, etc…but when favorite class in school, least favorite class, favorite movie, book, musical performer(s), activities in which the person is involved, if they had the ability to change the world, they’d___________, things tend to get interesting! All kinds of questions can be asked to provide a bridge for others to use in finding congruence among one another’s interests. The neat twist is:
After all of the forms are handed in, a person who is a cartoonist does a three-foot high caricature of the respondent, ALWAYS FLATTERING, and it is then posted on a divider in the Jr./Sr. High meeting room.

The cartoon “tells” all of the information given on the questionnaire, via a “balloon” from the cartoon figure’s mouth. (Check any strip in a newspaper to see what this means)

Many adults are in and out of the area during the week, and the drawings allow for the youngsters’profiles to become known to many. Increased self-confidence and a greater sense of belonging generally results.

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Fruit Feast

Good as a Bible Study. On a predetermined evening ask kids to come to the church for a fruit feast. Have kids each bring a different kind of fruit (the more variety the better). Purchase a watermelon and cut it in half using a jagged line. Use a small scoop to make melon balls as you empty out the inside of the watermelon. This will be your fruit bowl for the feast. As kids arrive have them each cut up their fruit and place it in the feast bowl. Mix in each new fruit with the others to create a giant fruit salad. If possible, provide drinks, yogurt, or ice cream to go along with the feast. While they’re eating read Romans 12:4-8 or 1 Cor 12:12-27. Ask: How is the Body of Christ like this fruit salad? How do we each add a different and unique flavour to Christ’s body? What kind of fruit are you most like? Explain. What role do you often play in Christ’s body? Why is that role important?

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