Fellowship / Friendship

Board Game Tourney

*** Good for an evening at winter retreats or camps when the weather won’t allow outdoor events. Gather popular games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scattergories, and Taboo. Set up game stations around the room with a game and necessary items (such as paper and pencils) at each station. Have kids form pairs and joining pairs at each station. Allow 5 mins for setting up and going over the rules. For team games such as Pictionary have the 2 person team play together. If it’s an individual game such as Monopoly, have kids play for themselves – but keep in mind that they’ll be adding their scores to their partners’ at the end of the game to determine the winning pair. When teams are ready, allow them to play the game for 15-30 mins. Kids should complete as much of the game as possible in this time. When time is up everyone stops and determine who wins. Record scores and go on to the next station.

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Cafe’ Amore’

Our senior high youth group came up with this meal idea as a way to minister to the seniors of our church.
We themed it around Valentines Day and decorated our fellowship room accordingly. A few adults in the church agreed to prepare the meal, while the teens took care of the rest of the preparations. We had small tables that seated four seniors each, and each teen was the responsible for serving a designated table for the evening. The mood was romantic with soft music from the 40’s and 50’s playing in the background. The teens and leaders were dressed semi-formal.
Our senior youth leader was the MC for the evening, and kept continuity between courses. We sang some old love songs for a nostalgic feel. (Even some of the seniors sang a solo for their partner!) A few question and answer games were played, such as- married the longest, most kids/grandkids etc.
It was a great evening of Christian service for the teens, and the positive comments we received from the seniors who attended made it a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.

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At our church we have a monthly meeting with all of our Sunday School classes (youth & adults alike–in different places). On the first Sunday afternoon of every month the youth prepares for a time of fellowship where they can invite all of their friends to hang out…. Sometimes we go out to eat, play capture the flag, invite other churches to fellowship, have a youth choir performance, have a contemporary worship performance, and sometimes we just hang out around our youth building and get to know each other better!!!

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Cereal Bowl

It is a new spin on 2 tried and true classics- Potlucks and Bowling.
Have everyone bring their favorite cereal to share. You provide the milk, juice, pop-tarts, etc… Then have a cereal pot-luck dinner and before going bowling for the evening. You can do it at the church or if the bowling alley has a meeting room.

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Children’s Mega Mingle Night

Our youth group put on a mingle party with a Veggie Tales theme for the children fellowship. We played icebreaker games that got the kids to partner up with our older youths, sang Veggie Tales karoake songs, had popcorn and juice as we watched Veggie Tales tapes. This is a fun way for your fellowships to interact with and get to know the children in your church.

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Christmas Gift Baskets

I read once that Christmas time is the loneliest time for widows, single moms or anyone who lives alone. This thought prompted a wonderful time of fellowship and a way to reach out and let the lonely know they were loved.

First, we prayed, and the youth leaders made a list of who they wanted to give to, We then put the lists together and discovered that our lists were pretty much the same. 🙂 Some were members of our church and some were some not. Some had just lost a spouse or were going through divorce. We also gave our master list to the associate pastor to look it over and see if he wanted to add anyone.

Then we put a list together of what would go in the basket. pumpkin bread and cranberry bread. cookies (decorated by the youth group) tea, hot cider and coco packets, homemade jelly , popcorn balls, (the elderly will love these its an old favorite) Let your imagination go wild. We chose a night to do all the baking and wrapping the baskets up. We purchased the baskets and decorating things at dollar tree 🙂

The following day we had our personal UPS man make us up a delivery plan and split up into 5 groups to make deliveries. The next Sunday when we all got together we talked about the experience and what a blessing it was for the people who received the baskets. Some of our students who drive made deliveries alone and appreciated the opportunity to see the faces of gratitude.

It will be something we do, God willing, every year. The widows especially appreciated this as well as those living in nursing homes.

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Christmas Gift-Away

During the Christmas season this year, have your youth group sponsor a Christmas gift list for young children in a nearby hospital, orphanage, detention centre, or disadvantaged apartment complex or neighbourhood. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, 5 weeks before Christmas, have the youth group canvas one of these groups of children and learn what -personal- gifts they’d appreciate. If your focus is on children in a hospital or orphanage, have the kids ask the staff for suggestions for each child. Have kids set up a Christmas tree in the entry area of the church building. Place tags on the tree that describe each gift the group needs. Church members can review the the tags, choose a gift they will bring and place it with the tag under the tree. Encourage church members to purchase the suggested gifts so members of your group can experience giving something meaningful to another person.

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Coin Drop

Place a large bank in an accessible area in your church or youth room. Make up a sign that states what you are raising money for, and the instructions to drop off those unwanted pennies that everyone has too many of. This is a great inexpensive way to raise funds for an event.
Ed. Note – Maybe make a crazy “machine” (like the game “Mouse Trap”) that the coins will drop and roll through before they get into the jar/container to interest the kids and keep everyone giving.

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Crazy Fellowship Potluck

Set a night and have the kids bring their favorite craziest dish. Anything goes!! Tell them that their dish must represent their personality. Have them explain what the dish is and why its like them or why its their favorite. I’m sure everyone will enjoy surprising each other with their cooking skills and its a fun way to get the kids to fellowship. Make sure to tell them not to let anyone know what they are making because the surprise is half the fun! (younger youth may need to ask a parent to help)

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Creation Celebration

Have teens plan a party for the younger children of the church emphasizing the wonderful variety and beauty of God’s creation. Also, ask several parents to donate treats such as cookies and punch for the celebration. Use tables to create a number of booths where group members present inexpensive, creation-based entertainment for the children to enjoy. I.E.: booth entertainment might include examining an ant farm, petting a snake, or looking at empty birds’ nests and eggs. You might also borrow some makeup and gave a face painting booth where teens paint animals on children’s faces. Have animal-imitation contests to see who can do the best imitation of a cow or chicken, etc. End the party with a time of singing. This party is especially fun during Springtime.

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