Early and Mid Adolescents

Gross Olympics

Make sure the kids wear grungy clothes for this activity!! They will get very messy!! Divide kids into two or more teams. Have the kids come up with a unique name for their team. Teams score points based on coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each event. First place – 1 pt, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 3 pts. Lowest score wins.
KETCHUP BRIGAGE – supplies: a gallon of ketchup and an empty bucket for each team.
Kids form a line with ketchup on one end, empty bucket on the other. First kid scoops up a handful of ketchup and passes it onto the next person. Using only their hands, kids fill their bucket with ketchup.
SPAGHETTI GORGE – supplies: bowl of spaghetti for each team. Have kids line up in relay fashion. First kid runs to table and eats 3 mouthfuls of spaghetti without using their hands. Runs back, tags next person. First team to eat whole bowl of spaghetti wins.
SPRAY DOWN – supplies: 3 cans of ginger ale per team. One person from each team comes up front. Another team member shakes up one can of ginger ale then runs to team member and sprays him with ginger ale. Runs back to team, another kid shakes up can, etc. First team to completely soak their team member with ginger ale wins.
SPAM TOSS – just like an egg toss only you use a can of Sspam. Very gross!!
EGG BASEBALL – give each team a dozen eggs and a baseball bat. One kid pitches, the other bats. Team with most hits wins.

I have 3 or 4 more games we did. If you want them, e-mail me (by clicking the name above). This was by far the most popular event we did last year! The kids want this to be a yearly event.

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Cereal Box Pick Up

You make a circle and put a cereal box (one that you cut a little bit before) in the middle. Everybody has to pick it up from the floor without using their hands and without putting anything else than their feet on the floor (no knees etc). After each round you cut another piece of the cereal box till it’s totally flat.

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This game will require about 20 water balloons, it’s just a safe amount. You will need to fill these balloons up before your meeting.

What you do is you get together with your group to talk about how Jesus died for our sins and that He was the sacrifice for all our sins.

Then, have volunteers form two teams that will have some form of race. Any type of race will do. This worked great with a relay race. Now, the team that wins will have to talk amongst themselves to choose someone to sacrifice. The person that they choose gets to be hit by a water balloon by his/her teammates.

Not everyone wants to get wet, so the person the team chooses takes the balloon instead of everyone else.

This worked great for outdoor VBS games.

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Celebrity Bible Chair

A mix of Musical Chairs and Celebrity Head. Play the Musical Chairs game like you normaly would but with every person wearing a paper hat with a photocopy of celebrity’s face on it. You call them by their name (eg. Winnie the Pooh, Tiger Woods or Nicole Kidman). When the music stops, the person without the chair has to answer correctly a Bible question. Do a celebrity wild card every couple of questions where the person left standing has to answer a question about “themselves” instead (eg. What do you love eating Winnie?”) If he or she answers correctly then he or she gets to stay in the game. Keep on going untill there’s only one person left.

Meantime, if anyone drops their hat they are out. Winner gets 1 million points for their team. Bible questions will have multiple choice and be fairly easy. eg:
1. Who was the strongest man in the Bible?
a. Gideon b. Samson c. Goliath

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Eye of the OWL

One person is selected to go up to the front. Everybody else will just stand up. That one person will examine everybody standing up. Then that person will leave the room, and three people will be selected to change their spots or dress different. Then the one person will come back in and if he/she finds the three people that changed he/she will change spots with some one. If he/she does not find the three he/she will get out of the game.

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You Are What You Wear

Have each person bring a plain T-shirt or sweatshirt to the meeting. Have kids put their names on the shirts with a piece of tape. Distribute several colours of permanent markers. Lay out the shirts and have kids go around and write positive qualities about each person on his or her shirt. Make sure that each person goes to several shirts and that all of the shirts are written on by several people. When everyone is finished, return the shirts to their owners and read aloud 2 Cor 4:16-18 and ask: Do you believe the saying, “The clothes make the man”? Why or why not? How do our outward actions – our dress and attitudes – reflect what we think of ourselves on the inside? How does it feel to wear these shirts that reflect the positive inner qualities others see in you? What can you do to make your inner qualities more evident than your outward ones?

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Link Tag

Everyone splits off into two and finds a space within the play area. They then link arms. The youth leader picks a twosome as volunteers! One member of the twosome is IT and the other runs from IT. This works like a normal game of chasing except that the person who is running can grab the free arm of any person in any other twosome at any point they like. When they do this they become a part of the twosome and the member of the original twosome who was not grabbed must now run from IT and try and link up with another twosome. If IT catches the victim, then the victim becomes IT and IT becomes the victim and must run and link up with another group.

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Divide players into two teams. Mark the Start and Finish lines about 30 feet apart. Teams line up with one person behind the other, facing the finish line. Next, players sit down and wrap their legs around the person in front to form the body of the centipede. Players’ arms become the legs. When the leader says “Go,” players lift with their arms and begin to push the centipede toward the finish line. If players become separated, they must try and reconnect. The winning centipede must completely cross the finish line with all its players connected.

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Cross-Over Dodge Ball

Best played with about 20 kids and 3 or 4 balls.
Draw a midline in your field and split into two teams, each with at least one ball. I like to tell the kids that the winning team will get a piece of candy each. Let them throw balls at the opposing team. When you are hit with a ball, you must cross to the other side of the midline. Usually there is great enthusiasm and energy put into getting people on to the team. It is fun to see how long it takes before the team either “wins”, or everyone realizes that, in the end, everyone is on the same team! Of course, everyone also ends up with a piece of candy!

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Initial Scavenger Hunt

This is a different twist on the scavenger hunt theme. Make up a long sentence with a great variety of letters in it. Like — “The quick sly fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.” The object is to find an object with the initial letter of the object the same as one of the letters in the sentence. Explain how it is possible to be creative in naming the object. For example: A rock could be used for the letters “r” for rock, “s” for stone, “q” for quartz, “p” for pebble, etc. Make your own rules for how many times an object could be used for vaious letters. It was fun to see the creative juices at work. The game lasted about 30 minutes.

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