Early and Mid Adolescents

Everyday Thanksgiving

At the end of each day, think about all that your family did for you.
Take the time to thank them for each thing you can remember. If this is done daily, how much thanksgiving will your family offer to God by the end of the week? It would then be a joy to offer that sacrifice of praise in His sanctuary on Sunday morning!

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Eye of the OWL

One person is selected to go up to the front. Everybody else will just stand up. That one person will examine everybody standing up. Then that person will leave the room, and three people will be selected to change their spots or dress different. Then the one person will come back in and if he/she finds the three people that changed he/she will change spots with some one. If he/she does not find the three he/she will get out of the game.

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Fabulous Fifties Bash

You will need a large room for this bash. (Gymnasium or a fellowship hall).

I began about 3 months before time to obtain karaoke cd’s and download fifties music. I did a research on oldies groups…40’s,50’s, and 60’s. I then determined the size of program we wanted. We had a meal first with a stage set up and a good sound system. I then looked each artist upon the internet and got a picture of the way they dressed and looked as well as downloaded the song that the artist will be singing so they could practice. I set up rehersal nights for each performer and I then carefully picked out singers in the church that could sing and even look the part (as much as possible). A couple of artists did lipsynching but 16 artists did karaoke with their voice.

Decorated the room in Fifties style, (items obtained at a party store). Had a dance floor for waltzing with your sweetheart. Had a sing alike (chosen by ticket number from the audience) contest for a particular artist… one male and one female. The audience voted by hand clapping and the winners received a 50 dollar bill. The secret is to get the information out early and spread the word. We had over 200 people show up, we charged 10 per adult, 5.00 for 6 to 12 and under 6 was free. We took pictures (everyone dress the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s look)..we got our church information out to many lost folks as well those looking for a place to worship. And we raised 1,500.00 for a having a night of fun.

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Faith in a Box

Scripture verse used: “So don’t throw away your bold faith: it will bring you rich rewards.” Hebrews 10:35

Items needed: a small box, something to put in it (candy, etc.), lots of wraping paper.

You put an item in the box and wrap it in many layers of paper. You tell the group, “There is something in this box you will enjoy.” You ask, “Do you have faith there is something in this box?” Faith is something that you hope for, but can’t see. “Can you see what’s in this box? Throw the box in the trash can and watch reaction. Will I ever know what’s in the box if I throw it away?”

As long as we don’t throw it away we are going to eventually know what’s in it. As long as we don’t throw away faith in God and his plan, there is a reward in the end which is heaven. The group moves to a circle on the floor. Talk about how it takes patience to receive God’s promises. Take turns giving each child a turn at ripping off a layer of paper until the gift is revealed.

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Feeding 5000

Ask the group who would like some bubble gum (hopefully everyone). Ask one of them to come up and hand them one piece of bubble gum and tell them to give everyone some gum. Of course they will not understand or think it is possible (the disciples reaction to Jesus when he told them the same thing). Then you can say “Let’s Pray”. While you are praying have a bucket of bubble gum hidden and grab it and when you finish the prayer toss out the bubble gum. Its a good parallel and attention getter for the start of a bible study.

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Flying Security Guards

Have a music night. Select 5 different secular artists/groups. Place one artist/group per room. Give the youth autograph books. Tell them they need to get every artist/groups autograph. Get your Sr. High group involved, have them play the artists/groups (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc) The security guards take the autographs from the youth. In order to win they must have all the autographs, which will be impossible, because you will take one or more away from them as they run from room to room. Build your devotional around what is good music, and have them come up with the criteria, but you may have to guide them. Then play a song from each of the artists/groups you had present, and discuss if it fits the criteria you have listed. You can make this as big an event as you want, we used two youth group meetings for this topic. Get your actors to really play the roles of the artists well, etc. Expand and mold this to your group. Its a great way of discussing this all important area of the life of a youth.

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Four Corners

Must have a room with 4 corners. Someone is “it” & stands in the middle of the room. Everyone else, while the “it” person is counting to 10, everyone else runs to one of the 4 corners. At 10, the “it” person pics a corner. 1,2,3 or 4. Who ever is in the corner picked is out, & must sit in the designated “jail” area. It will wind down to 2 people- the last person standing, wins.

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Fruit Bobbing Relay

Help: Optimal with 2 counselor/Helpers Min. 1

Needed 1 or two (depending on size) Tub to bob for fruit
2 buckets for “Salad”
4 bananas
4 Apples
4 Pears
1 pine apple 
4 Kiwi’s
Set up
– All Fruit is divided into 2 groups 1 for each group
– Fruit is put in container for bobbing
– Teams are set up in lines ready to carry fruit a short distance in relay described below.
– Bucket placed at the end of line where fruit will eventually be deposited

a. First team member must Bob for fruit and then by mouth hand it to next person

b. Next person must bend knee and hold fruit in the bend> then hop to next relay.

c. Next two people must put the fruit between there foreheads and walk it to the next person, They are to drop the fruit onto his stomach.

d. The next person is in a crab walk position and must catch the fruit and then crab walk it to the bucket and without using hands get it into the bucket.

Ready for the Catch? (As if that wasn’t bad enough) All fruit will be skinless!

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Fruit Feast

Good as a Bible Study. On a predetermined evening ask kids to come to the church for a fruit feast. Have kids each bring a different kind of fruit (the more variety the better). Purchase a watermelon and cut it in half using a jagged line. Use a small scoop to make melon balls as you empty out the inside of the watermelon. This will be your fruit bowl for the feast. As kids arrive have them each cut up their fruit and place it in the feast bowl. Mix in each new fruit with the others to create a giant fruit salad. If possible, provide drinks, yogurt, or ice cream to go along with the feast. While they’re eating read Romans 12:4-8 or 1 Cor 12:12-27. Ask: How is the Body of Christ like this fruit salad? How do we each add a different and unique flavour to Christ’s body? What kind of fruit are you most like? Explain. What role do you often play in Christ’s body? Why is that role important?

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Garden Competition

I get the youth at my church to plant flowers, plants and award them at the end of the year. Fisrt I put them into groups and then I allow them to choose the location they want to use. Next they fence it around with whatever attractive material they can find. The youth will learn to be dedicated, and nurturing. They pull out all the stops in collecting they most beautiful flowers they come across. In competing they beautify the church grounds and work towards the coveted trophy and a cash award donated by the youth department!

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