Hand Print Fin – Twist

Instead of putting the hand prints directly on the wall, you could get a couple big sheets of butcher’s paper and attach it to the wall. Then put the hand prints onto it.

Then the kids could sign and maybe write a favorite passage next to their hands.

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Hand Print Fun

Decorate the Teen/Youth room by putting each of their handprints on the walls. Include their name and year graduating from high school next to each set of hands. Use different colors of paint. It will be neat for the younger teens to come in and see who has been there. Include the new teens each year.

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Happy Baskets

You take a blown up balloon and some Elmer’s glue that is diluted with water and some yarn – you’re trying to make a basket. You wrap the string that is soaked in the Elmer’s glue and wrap it around the balloon let dry. Then you get some customized bath salts and a scented candle some shredded colored paper (to fit the occasion) and then some chocolates or candy of some sort. Place the shredded paper in the bottom of the dried yarn basket and arrange your candle and gospel track or whatever you want in there. Get some colored cellophane or netting used for wedding rice bags and wrap your basket in it and tie with a ribbon.

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He Knows My Name

Since there are so many references to the fact that God knows us by name in the Bible, making name bracelets is a great way to convey that message and help kids remember it! Get stretchy string so that they can be removed easily, a variety of beads to accessorize and the little square beads that have a letter on each. Let the kids pick out the letters of their name and the decoration beads and create a bracelet (or necklace) with their name on it. This way when they look at it they can remember that God isn’t just a huge and distant God, but a close one who loves us and knows us by name.

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Homemade Silly Putty

I got this recipe off of the internet and then adapted it to the youth group. This shows how you can take two harmless simple ingredients and make something really cool. Just like allowing God into your life, you can achieve some really cool results.

Bowl number one: 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup of elmers white school glue and 1-2 drops of food coloring. (If the color is really dark it will temporarily stain the users hands.)

Bowl number two: 1/2 water and 1 tablespoon of borax (20 mule team borax laundry booster, found in the laundry aisle at wal-mart)

Pour the borax/water mixture into the glue and water. Instantly you will see a coagulation occur. Lift the blob out of the bowl and start working it in your hands. (When God starts working with you it takes a little work to get you started)
There will be a watery substance left over in the bottom of the bowl.
The more you work with the substance, the better it gets. (God is constantly working on you)
You can shape, bounce, stretch and pull the silly putty all you want but when you lay it on the table, it immediately begins to melt back into a puddle on the table. (If you don’t allow God to keep working on you, you will start to “melt back into a shapeless blob”)

Store in an airtight container.

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This game, which can unfortunately become expensive, involves creating things from random materials. I started buying materials from a local craft store and bought 4 of everything. It included styrofoam balls (large and small), dowel rods, animal fur, yarn, tape, colorful pipe cleaner, empty 2 liter coke bottles (a must), feathers, stick glue, etc. Divide up the teams and allow them to work on their creation. Guidlines are a good idea. Such as it has to be a robot, person, or animal. Give it a name and possibly a story. The crowd loved the inventions.

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Jesus Grams

Jesus Grams are a fun Christian way to show God’s love and the senders love during Valentines Day. Get a person with a computer to design a Jesus Gram front and a back. For the back, We used 1 Corinthians 14 for our scripture references and had space for a personalized message. Use red or pink paper and glue candy to the front. (sturdy paper is best) This is also good for a fundraiser (suggested donation 1.00).

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Leather Prayer Journals

I used this as my first project for Sunday school with the Jr/Sr highers this fall. So they could have somewhere to write their prayers, and throughout the year we will keep each other updated on how God has answered our prayers.

Supplies needed:
scraps of leather, glue, heavy duty construction paper (for covers), leather string (other kinds of string can be used), hole puncher, leather tools/rubber mallet, scissors, paper.

Take your heavy construction paper and use 2 pieces for your front and back cover. Punch 2 or 3 holes on the left side of the paper, make sure the holes line up on both papers. Cut regular paper to just a bit smaller than the covers as this will be your pages. Punch holes in the paper also to line up with the other holes. Use the leather tools and mallet to stamp designs into your leather then take your scraps of leather and fit it around the left edge of your papers so it serves as a binding. Punch holes in the leather where it covers the already punched holes in the paper. Use your leather string to weave through the punched holes and tie the leather to the paper. Finally, glue the extra loose leather to the front and back covers.
Since Leather is expensive I called around to some local taxedermists and got some scraps donated, since it was for a good cause. Be creative and have lots of fun with it. I just gave a basic idea to get you started!

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Little Angels

Fast, Easy & Inexpensive (about $1.30 each)

(1) cut 40 lengths of yarn 15″
(2) tie the bundle in half with scrap piece of yarn; fold bundle in half at the tie
(3) tie 1″ from fold (this will create head)
(4) using six strands on opposites sides, braid to about 2″, know at end (these are the arms
(5) tie 1.5″ from head (this will create the body
(6) hot glue ends of arm lengths at the waist tie; hot glue cross over joint (you can get these little crosses at all Christian bookstores)
(7) hot glue small silk flower at “neck”
(8) using wired shear ribbon, fold four times a 15″ length; hot glue at center to hold; fan to create wings
(9) hot glue wings on back

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Memory Boxes

Cut photos of Youth Group to make a collage on large box with fitted top taped shut. After securing, in a solid fashion, pictures on all sides and perhaps large numbers for the year, put clear contact paper over the pics. They make wonderful decorations, are good conversation pieces and can be thrown around for fun. You can even put dried beans or fun rattles inside. Make smaller boxes with leftover photos that make cute storage when stacked.

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