Bible Study & Prayer

Memory / Inspirational Verses

You can use either post-it notes, index cards, or even one of those magnetic boards that you write on with markers. Write on them short verses you want to memorize or even long verses you want to have for inspiration. Put the verses somewhere in your home where you will see them often. Example: on the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer, etc.

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Christ Fullfills Prophecies

I wrote on note cards the O.T. prophecy, also the N.T. fullfillment on another card. Played the game where they had to look up the Scripture and then find who has there match. I gave a small gift as prize. It was fun seeing them look up Scripture most had to use index, then see them interacting through God’s Word it was great!

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What Is Your Future? (God’s Plan 4 U)

You will need notecards and pencils for this activity.

Give each student a notecard. Have the students write what the wanted to be when they grew up when they were younger, and then have them write what the want to be now on the other side. Have some of the students share theirs with the group. Explain how we never really know what God has in store for us, and sometimes we might want something to happen, but He makes the total opposite happen. After the group discusses this part, read aloud Jeremiah 29:11. Remind the students that God does have a plan for them.

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Sort the Shooters

You need to have a basketball goal, ladder or step stool. Have one volunteer stand on the stool where they can put the basketball through the hoop. Line the youth up behind the free throw line, and tell them this is the free throw line and they get 3 shots. They can pass the ball to the person on the stool or shoot it themselves. Most of them will shoot it themselves at first. After they have shot their three shots, send them to another volunteer standing off to the side somewhere. If they made 2 of 3 they stand on the right side of the volunteer, if not, on the left. After all have been sorted have them sit down and read them the scripture about sorting the sheep and goats. The person on the stool represents Jesus and he never misses, all we have to do is give him our heart, soul, burdens, etc. to Jesus and he will handle them for us. We always try to do it ourselves until we fail, then turn it over to God. When the lesson is over, we get all the kids that were on the left another opportunity to make it to heaven.
Also explain to the kids that you didn’t tell them to shoot from the free throw line, they will argue with you. We always try to make things of the world more difficult than they really are. We can walk up and hand the ball to Jesus.

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Youth Group Prayer Project

Help your kids put prayer into practice with this community builder. Obtain a set of mailing labels preprinted with the names and addresses of church members. Then photocopy a short form letter for each family or person on the mailing list, telling people they’ll be prayed for by the youth group kids the coming week. Also photocopy some practical prayer suggestions for kids to use. During a youth group meeting, give each person two or three mailing labels, envelopes and form letters. Or give out some names each week for a few weeks. Also supply stamps and the prayer suggestions. Have kids mail their letters and then pray daily for the people they mailed them to. At a later meeting, have church members tell kids ways their prayers were answered during the time kids were praying.

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Plunger Nite

One night at youth group have PLUNGER NITE. Your games and devotional all centre around plungers. Play plunger hockey, javelin plunger, relay games with plungers. Use balls and balloons as well. The wilder your games the better – be creative.
Devotional – Ask the youth what is a plunger for, what does it do? Why? Then describe that Christ is the plunger for our sin. Our sin had to be removed in order for our relationship with God to flow. Like the drain, when its clogged, the water does not flow freely, and the drain needs to be unclogged. We don’t work the way God intended when we are clogged with sin, and Christ became the plunger for that sin.

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Marshmallow Porcupine

The more people you have the better. Form as many lines as you want, but have at least 15 per line, 10 will work, but more is better. Give everybody a toothpick, good round pointed ones,and have them put it in their mouths. Put a large marshmallow on the pick of the first one in line. On go, that person must turn to the next in line and that person stabs the marshmallow with his pick. NO HANDS ALLOWED. Once he has stabbed it, the first person must let go of their toothpick. Now the second person turns to the third person who now has a toothpick coming at them and they must stab it and the second person lets go of their pick. As you get down the line, there are alot of toothpicks coming at the last people. This is a great sight game watching the last peaople trying to find a place on the marshmallow to stab without getting poked too bad up the nose. If someone drops the marshmallow, it goes back to the previous person. Have fun.
[Ed. Note: I don’t think the toothpicks would reach the eye level, but watch out for that possibility. Use your own discretion as to how safe this activity is for your group.]

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Reflections On Christ

Have the youth bring a small compact mirror to a bible study. Have them read scriptures that remind them of how Christ loves each of us. When they are finished reading, have them place the mirror in front of them and ask if they see the love of Christ coming through their faces. This can lead to a wonderful time of exploring how we can develop a personality that reflects Christ to others through our dress, actions, and comments.

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Name That Spiritual Gift

This is a study, understanding and development game. The leaders or orchestrators of the game must have a clear uderstanding of the gifts to lead the game. First write as many of the spiritual gifts and there definitions on different scrap sheets of paper. Ball them up and put them in a hat or bowl. Then each student picks out a spiritual gift. then the leader will read a scenerio and choose one of the students to dramatize there spiritual gift and how they would use in the situation. Once they have figured out the gift that is being represented, another student who feels that there gift would best help support the situation they would raise there hand and dramatize their gift. This will continue until the scenerio changes. It is a very deep game that students seem to take very seriously, it also gives better understanding for those who might not be to clear on the subject.

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Coloured Snow – Variation

This is for those of us who don’t have snow where we live.
This illustration is awesome if you have an area of sand (playground, beach) around you meeting place. I gathered them together and wrote out the word “sin” in the sand with red food colored water. Then, I asked them to shout out sins that people commit against God. As they shouted out the sins, I marked the sand with a streak of red until the bottle was emptied and we were left with a red stained area in front of us. I then read from Isaiah 1:18-20 and told them about the saving Grace of God. To finish, I had them kick the sand over the red stained area to make it white again. Every kick represented a sin or temptation in their own lives that Jesus has forgiven.

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