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Amazing Mobsters Lesson

The Mobster game is super! while we played it, I came up with the idea of blending in a lesson. The townspeople put 5 people on trial as accused mobsters, they got 2 out the 5 right. We talked about false accusations based on assumptions instead of proof, and how we do that in real life by the way a person looks or acts. We had 3 falsely accused people, which means we had 3 mobsters in the townspeople group that were “hiding” their “sins” or trying to blend in to accuse others so they would not get found out. It really made the group do some soul searching, and was great fun for all.

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Amazing Mobsters With A Twist

You add in the Aces, with the ace of hearts being a detective, and the ace of diamonds being a doctor. After the mobsters finish picking someone they all sleep. Then the detective gets to point to someone and the moderator shows them a card, either a face card for a mobster or a normal card for a citizen.

Then it is the turn for the doctor. The detective goes to sleep, and the doctor gets to point to someone to save. If the doctor points to the person that the mob tried to kill, then that person is saved.

Neither the doctor or the detective can reveal that they are the doctor or detective, (for this you need to bring in a rule that nobody is allowed to ask).

This adds some extra intrigue to the game.

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Amazing Race

Based on the TV Show

We selected drivers and a vehicle for each team of three.

Everyone started at the same location and were given the first clue. The first clue brought them to the local grocery store where they were handed a disposable camera (this was paid for in advance). With the camera the store handed them their next clue.

From this point on they had to take a picture of each event. This insures that everything is recorded so you have lasting memories.

Their next clue brought them to the local bowling alley where the first team to knock down 100 pins got their next clue.

This clue brought them to another location to do a quiz. Once done the quiz they were handed the next clue.

This brought them to the local curling club where they had to put a rock in the centre of the circle. Once that was done they got their next clue.

This brought them to a section of the woods where they were met by someone who handed them a match, a big tin can, some wood, water and soap. First team to boil the water and soap got their next clue.

and so on and so on.

The first team back to the starting location is the winner. We provided certificates for everyone involved, gave out prizes (gift certificates and chocolate) for the winners. Drivers were not official members of the team (they could not help) but they were given a little something as well.

This is the first year we did this and it was a huge hit. It will be an annual event.

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Amazing Race

We played a version on the Amazing Race (CBS) at our youth retreat last weekend. The kids (and leaders) had an awesome time.
We split the kids into groups of 3 (we only have a small youth group – this would work with bigger groups too). They each got their first clue leading them through the bush (we live in Australia) to their detour (a choice of two tasks).
1. Find 20 straws hidden in the bush (pretty hard – the straws were green)
2. Set up a tent (by the way this was at night time so this was hard too)
Once they did their task they got the next clue which lead them through a bunch of mud (some of the girls freaked out a little at this) to a roadblock (a task the team HAVE to do together).
They had to match up 10 Bible verses with their addresses. There were some obvious ones and some hard ones.
They then raced back to the cabins where we were waiting to greet the first team there. They got some neat prizes from the Christian bookshop.
We did this with only 2 leaders and 15 campers – it can be done!
It was an awesome activity and made sure the kids burned some energy before bed (not that they were any quieter at night-time!)

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Amazing Race – Race to Christ

This idea is like similar to other amazing races but with a definite twist. Again you split into groups of four or five, each group with a leader who can drive. Note the Leaders are ‘in’ on the race and are there just to drive and not assist in the race.

Make your list of directions that scurry your teams across town. We like to direct them to churches with new clues to the next stop waiting at each destination. (please notify church officials that messages will be at their facilities)

The final clue brings the first team to a waiting area. However, the twist is, along their journey, they will witness a person with a flat tire, a elderly person who has dropped their bag (purse or groceries) and a homeless person with a sign for help. Each of these people are part of the game.

The winning team is not who completes the trip first, it’s the team who is the best “Samaritan” and Christ-like. The winning team puts aside personal gain and assist the people in need.

When the last team arrives at the finish line, the three people who needed help arrive also and report who helped.

You will be surprised how many times we have had no winners but we do have a great lesson.

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Amazing Race (Through the Bible)

This idea is taken from the show “The Amazing Race.”

I split the kids into teams of 2-4 depending on how big the group is, and give each team only one Bible one pen and one question sheet.

Each team must race through the Bible looking for answers to the Bible trivia question on the question sheet. After they have completed the sheet (correctly)they must then go to the “Detour.” A detour is a task that one team member must do to get the second set of questions. (Look for detour suggestions below).

After they have completed the detour the kids then get a second set of questions. After they have completed that set of questions (correctly) they must then go to the pit stop. The last team at the pit stop is eliminated and the other teams go on until there are two teams. The first one to the pit stop wins.

Detour suggestions: Eat 4 crackers and whistle, eat a piece of bread, get a piece of cheese from your forehead to your mouth w/out using your hands, drink a can of soda, tell a joke.

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Amazing Race 2

We did a samller version of the TV program amazing race. We had 8 teams with 4 teens and I adult (driver, who had a map to each place) per team. Each team was assigned a different color. We had 4 stations set up around town (can have as many as you like, we had a time limit to do this activity in). Each team started out with a clue which sent them to their first destination (our teams were going to different destinations at the same time instead all going to the same place. Usually there were 2 teams at a place together) after they reached their destination and did their task they would receive their next clue. We kept our teams small so each person on a team had to do a task and it would not be the same person doing all the tasks. If a team player refused to do one, then their team was eliminated or they received penalty points. The stations we had set up were: 1. Watermelons weighted down in a pool. The teens had to jump in, release it from the weight, bring it to the surface, get out of the pool, find a way to break open the watermelon, and then the entire team had to eat the watermelon (we used very small ones) in order to get their next clue. 2. We used a middle school track and had the teams peddle around the track / obsticle course on big wheels. Pretty easy to do but their legs got very tired and kind of hard for some of the bigger/taller/older teens to do, especially football players! 3. Gold Fish Find. We used a kids swimming pool and put gold fish and minnows in it. The teens had to try to catch as many gold fish in a alloted amount of time with only their hands. Very funny to watch them try to catch fish that are fast! 4. Frisbee Golf. Teens had to make their way to the course, find the correct hole and get thier frisbee disk in to the hole in 4 throws. We choose a failry long hole that had lots of trees! Here are some of the clues we used: Watermelon; If you like to eat in this you’ll delight, cold watermelon and 6 fragrant tealights. All snug in it’s pouch, unpack them for flight, as they soar to the top, be ready for a feast delight!
GOLF: take a small journey to a calmer place for the men & women who love the big green for whom 9 holes is a heavenly scene. When you see this course, relax, let the rest of the world wait. Find the correct hole where your next clue awaits.
GOLD FISH: 1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish, 3 fish 4 fish gotta catch more fish, 5 fish 6 fish they must be gold fish, 7 fish 8 fish these aren’t easy to catch fish, 9 fish 10 fish stop now and count your fish.
BIG WHEEL: 7 hours a day August til May this track will last it’s fragrance will stay. This place your searching can’t really be bought, but a trip around it is what it will cost. Your legs will get tired your heart will surely beat fast, just keep on peddling around the WEST VALLEY TRACK.
At their last destination they all received a clue which sent them back to our church. When they returned that found we had rented a climbing wall from a local facility where they had to harness up and climb the wall to retrieve their teams flag.
This activity took about an hour and a half. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

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Amazing Shoe GrabTag

Everyone removes their shoes and puts them down the back of their pants sticking out of the waist as far as possible. Then, once the game is explained and you say go, the youth run around trying to grab the shoes from the other youth. Once both shoes are removed from ones waist, they are out. The trick is that the shoes must be held the entire time once plucked from anothers waistband. The winner is the last one with shoe or two left in their waistband or the one holding the most shoes when the time ends.
Play as many times as time allows!

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Amazon Warriors

First, get a durable chair. Get the group in a circle around the chair. Interlock wrists in the circle. When the leader says go, try to pull someone into the chair. If the person touches it they are out, and if someone breaks wrists with them and the person that let go are out. Keep going until there’s only one person left

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Amazon Warriors-Sock Grab Variation

Everyone take off their shoes and put their socks on their hands.
No-excessive violence. The aim of the game is to be the last one with any socks on your hands. Best played crawling. Also this can be played with socks on your feet.

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