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Airplane Game Revisited

The Airplane Game is a HUGE sucess at our Church. Here is a great spin on it. Instead of giving all the youth a typical ailment (no legs, deaf, mute, blind). Give them really fun ailments like (multiple personality, their life’s ambition is to find their marbles, they think they are Peter Pan, they think their head is on fire, they faint every time someone touches them) and so on. Be creative, think outside of the box. It is a great way to help them work together and be a role they are not usually. Also, it is a hoot.

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Airplane Olympics

Give each child printer paper or other thin paper that will make sharp creases when folded. Have them make different airplanes ( a good idea is to check out some books on paper airplanes from the library to use as guides, particularly for younger kids)

Once each child has made a variety of airplanes, lead them to the Olympian arena (should be set up before hand)

The first competition will be to test Aim: A large bull\’s eye can be painted, drawn or made with hoops on the ground. The object is to get as close to the center as possible. Let kids know very slim streamlined planes will work best for aiming.

The second competition will be to test distance: each child lines up on a line and throws their plane(s). Whoever\’s plane flies farthest wins.

The third competition is to test Endurance: Each child will fly their planes one at a time and be timed on it. Whoever\’s plane stays up longest wins. Tell kids that the planes with the most surface area generally stays up longer.

As a tie-in, you can use each competition to exemplify a virtue of Christ:
1. Aim: Walking with Christ means always staying true to His ways and words and aiming to be like Him above all else.

2. Distance: Sometimes as Christians we have to go the distance by doing things we\’d rather not because they are the right thing. Discuss some times the kids had where they had to go through a tough trial that seemed to go on forever.

3. Endurance; Sometimes, it is easier to go with flow and do what others are doing instead of sticking out and working to do the Christlike thing. Talk with kids about how enduring hard times when it is so easy to turn is a good thing, and how it can result in great things. Try using personal examples to drive the point home.

For prizes, you can do low-cost items or maybe allow the winners to pick out ice cream flavors for an ice cream social to finish the event.

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Airplane Ride

This is a great initiation activity. A chair, a blindfold, and two helpers are all that’s needed. We would ususally send all of the people to be initiated out of the room and bring them in one at a time. The victim sits on the chair. The two helpers stand on either side of the chair facing it. He or she is told that they are going to go for an airplane ride. Explain as you are blindfolding the victim that the helpers are going to fly the plane. The victims hands are placed one on top of each head of the helpers. The helpers lift the chair off of the floor and hold it about waist high. Their job is to “fly” the plane by moving it up and down, back and forth with pretty subdued smooth motions. The idea here is for the victim to be a little nervous, but not really feel endangered. There can be little bumps thrown in here and there as the helpers comment on how they are swerving to avoid hitting birds or trees. After a little bit of fun, make the comment that there appears to be a mountain coming up, and that they are going to have to reach a higher altitude. The helpers are now to keep the chair at the same height (waist-high) while slowly lowering their heads. They can make comments like “watch the ceiling, I can’t go much higher” as eventually the top of their heads are about even with the seat and they are crouched down beside the chair. The victim at this point feels like he are she is five or six feet in the air. Suddenly, of course, they hit turbulence, and the chair really starts moving around. The prank ends when the helpers tilt the chair forward and dump the victim off. The look on their face as they drop one foot while expecting five is priceless.

Note submitted by EGAD! User: Airplane can be fun but just follow a few simple proceedures. Have someone in front of the person so that they can catch then if they fall to far forward. Also, don’t use a chair with a back on it. The back on the chair pushes the individule forward. Better to use a 2×6 or 2×8 board. We had someone fall to far forward and got a concussion because we did not do these few simple things to prevent it…it does work though so enjoy…with out dropping a kid on their head.

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There was a crime committed. Make it as real and convincing as possible. For example, tell the youth that $220 was stolen from the pastor’s office. Everyone else in the group has had a convincing alibi except for Patricia and Maria who were together at the time of the theft. They have 5 min outside the room to come up with an alibi. They can write down whatever they want. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will be policemen. They will devise some questions to ask both Patricia and Maria in order to stump them and create inconsistent alibis. Each person will be questioned separately. Depending upon how through they were during their 5 minutes outside, the group, after questioning them, will declare them guilty or innocent.

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This game works best when playeed indoors in a building with many hiding spaces and room to run, and multiple levels helps.

To start, you pick out two kids to be “aliens.” All of the other kids will be humans. These aliens take two weapons — a flashlight, ping-pong paddle, plastic bowling pin, or other similar objects work well — which are shown to the group, out of the room, and hide them anywhere in the building that will be semi-visible, and not require the searchers to open anything.

As the two aliens are off hiding their weapons, two of the remaining humans are selected to be “medics.” The aliens should not know who the medics are, as this adds an element of fun to the game. When the aliens return to the room, the humans are sent off to hide and search for the weapons. After a minute or so, the aliens are sent out to find the humans.

The aliens will run around and try to tag the humans; if a human is tagged, they are “dead.” Only medics can heal dead humans (who are lying on the ground where they were tagged), and can do so by touching them. If both medics are dead, then no one can be healed. If a human finds a weapon he can then touch an alien with the weapon, and the alien will die. A weapon can only be used once, and a used weapon will be given to the alien that it killed. There is no way for a dead alien to come back to life.

The game is over when one of two things happen:

1) All of the humans are dead.
2) All of the aliens are dead.

This is a great game, and I think you’ll really love it. I know we do.

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Alien Game

First of all this is a large indoor game.

You will need the following items to play:

1. Glow Necklaces (different colors for two teams and one color for leaders)

2. Balloons

3. Poker Chips (about 10 – 12 100 packs)

4. Spooky Music to pipe through the church

5. Special Lighting and Fog Machines

The game is played in the dark and all over the church except we don’t use our sanctuary.

Game Play:

1. All the youth must be split up into two teams with different color glow necklaces.

2. The leaders will be in charge of keeping the game running smooth ensure people don’t really battle it out.

3. Each team will establish 1 Queen which can be boy or girl

4. The teams will then blow up a bag full of balloons (medium size so they pop better) and place them in the queen egg sac (garbage bag and head down to the teams designated fortress area

5. They will wait until the ok to start the game.

How the Game is played:

Each Alien (youth) will have a life essence which is a balloon tucked under their shirt on their back. When their balloon is popped by the other team they will go back to their queen to get a new life essence.

The goal of the game is collect life orbs (poker chips) that are spread out all over the church. Each one represents a different point value. Also to destory the other team by popping their life essences.

The game is played until one team is destroyed or a time limit is reached.

This game is very popular with our group and the youth really love to play and compete each other.

As a precautionary measure, we usually give our leaders walkie talkies and flashlights for safety because the game get really physical we also do guys vs guys and girls vs girls for game play otherwise the girls take a beating for the guys in a small group setting it will work for mixed but you just need to watch the youth more carefully.

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Alien vs Predator

This game works best in large buildings with many hiding spots!!
This game is a variation of Hide and go seek. At the beginning explain that everyone is going to go hide. You need two volunteers to be Aliens, and one volunteer to be a Predator. Everyone else are unwitting humans that will be captured. The premise is that the humans hide. The aliens need to find the humans and take them to their nest (prison, holding place whatever), The Predators Job is to hunt the Aliens and to rescue the humans.

How it works:
Let all the humans go hide, give them a few minutes then you let the aliens go “hunt” them. If a person is found by the Alien, the alien takes them to the nest where they are stuck until they are rescued.
Give the Aliens a minute or two, then release the Predator. The predator’s job is to catch the aliens. Once the predator has tracked down and tagged the alien, the alien has to sit out. The Predator also has to free all the humans. To do this the predator goes to the nest and can only take one person at a time to a different designated spot.

How to win:
– If all the humans are caught and are in the nest aliens win
– If both aliens are caught the Predator wins

Depending on the size of the group you may need more aliens and predators, but the minimum is two Aliens and one Predator, otherwise it is too easy.
Games very in length, but usually last 20 min.

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Aliens – Medic Variation

Same game as Aliens, but with two medics. We found that the smart Aliens quickly ganged up to identify and kill the medics, so the Aliens always won.

Here’s the switch:
When a medic heals a downed human, the healed human becomes the medic in their place. That way, the Aliens have a much tougher time identifying the medics. Be sure the kids understand there can only be two medics at any one time (no cheating!) and that when a medic is killed, their healing capacity dies with them (i.e., even if they are brought back to life, and thus become the new medic, the team is still down to one medic). Sounds complicated, but once they play this variation a few times, they quickly “get it.”

ANOTHER VARIATION to even up the odds with small groups: The Aliens cannot run, only walk.

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Aliens – Variation

As a variation on the game “Aliens,” use two flashlights as the ray guns and hide them in the church, switched on. Whoever finds one uses it to tag the alien out. It is possible for an alien to tag someone with a flashlight (e.g. from behind) to get them out.

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Alka Seltzer Pop-off

You will need:
Generic Alka Seltzer tablets (cheap is good)
35 mm film canisters (Fuji cans works best)
water in paper cups

The activity involves breaking up the Seltzer tablets, putting them in the film canisters and putting in a little water. Snap the lid shut and wait….
The seltzer will fizz and pop off the lid with a loud noise. Make sure the canister is being held pointing away from faces and other people. Make the activity more of a science experiment by allowing the kids to experiment with different amounts of seltzer and water to determine the best ratio of ingredients. Finally, have a “pop-off” where the kids attempt to get the longest distance from their lid when it pops off. Have the kids make markers to show how far their lids have gone, so you can see who achieve the greatest distance.

This activity works well as singles or in pairs. Water will get onto the floor, so avoid doing this in carpeted areas. Also, drying off the lip of the lids and the canister between experiments helps prevent premature popoff.

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