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A Free Car Wash that PAYS!

Put on a car wash, but get the kids to get people to sponsor them per car before hand. i.e. each kid gets 20 people to sponsor them 10 cents per car, the group washes 100 cars, each kid collects $200! Also, people getting their car washed often insist on leaving a donation so have a “Free Donation Box” set up somewhere. The kicker is to make sure your kids collect the $ right away or they quickly lose motivation to do so. There is potential to make big $$ for your group in this one!

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A Light in the Darkness

You’ll need:
– 1 glow slow stick per person (purchased at Walmart, etc.) NOT POPPED (not glowing)
– 1 large nametag sticker per person

Beforehand, on each nametag, write “Jesus’s Love” or “Love of God” (something to that effect). Give each kid a glow stick that hasn’t been popped. If you like you can demonstrate beforehand how to make them glow.
Turn off all the lights in the room (it’s best to do this in total darkness). With the lights off, give each kid one of the name tags & have them put it on his shirt. Talk to them about how sin has caused the world to become dark. Then talk about how we have to “let our light shine before men…” and, one by one, have them pop their glow sticks (make them glow). When they do this, you should be able to read the name tag. This shows how we must let OUR light shine in order for others to see the love of Christ.

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A Light In The Darkness 2 (revised)

First off, follow the original “Light in the Darkness” post, but here’s the difference. On about half of the name tags, draw blurry lines through the phrase “Love of Jesus.” Follow the instructions from the original post for the discussion, but point out that on about half of the group, the message of the “Love of Jesus” appears to be somewhat blurry. You can say something like, “even though you are a Christian, sometimes your actions and words don’t always convey the love of Jesus.” Say, “people at school here you say that you are a Christian, but they also see you act in ways that don’t glorify God, so your message of the love of Jesus is blurry.” The whole point is even though we are a light, sometimes our message of Christ’s Love is not so easy to see in us because we blur it with sin. Don’t straddle the fence! Don’t blur the message of Christ’s Love!

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A-Thon With A Difference

Youth acquire sponsors for the hours they spend with randomly drawn “challenges.” The challenges consist of wheel-chairs, blindfolds, binding arms or fingers, earplugs. Anything that could represent those who live with these types of challenges. We spent the night at the church and scheduled events every hour like making sandwiches to eat, watching movies, playing games. Each event presented a different problem for each youth with their various challenges. We rotated challenges after a few hours, the idea was to make them aware of the needs of others as well as raise funds.

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Abraham & Sarah Skit

Characters: Abraham Sarah Pharaoh Officer Officer 2

Scene: Abraham in Egypt.

Narrator: Abraham was getting ready to enter Egypt when he became afraid…

Abraham: Sarah, You are sooooo beautiful. If I take you into Egypt, they will want you for themselves, and so they will kill me, so they can marry you with a clear conscience.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham, God has taken good care of us before, and I am sure he will again.

Abraham: No, I think we need to be very cautious. Say that I am your brother and I will say you are my sister so that nothing will happen to us. If we do this, I will not be killed.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham! I will do it, but I am only doing it because the Lord commands me to obey my husband. But… I am not happy about it.

Narrator: Later that Day, They entered Egypt, and as Abraham expected, the Egyptians were enchanted with Sarah’s Beauty. Pharaoh’s officers immediately went to Pharaoh.

Officer: Oh, Pharaoh, you should see this beautiful woman that just came into the city. She has the most beautiful eyes, and her hair is so silky. Her whole face lights up when she smiles! I just know you would love her when you see her.

Officer 2: Oh yes, not only is she lovely, but she is very very sweet. Her voice is tender as a flower, and sweet as sugar!

Pharaoh: Bring her too me. She sounds like a beauty. I just can’t pass this opportunity up, without taking a look at her.

Narrator: The officers came to Abraham and Sarah and asked them who they were.

Officer: We have come on our Great Pharaoh’s behalf. He would like to know who you are and why you are here.

Abraham: I am Abraham, and this is my sister Sarah. We are on our way through Egypt to our new home.

Officer 2: Sarah, since Abraham has no claim to you and you are his sister, you must be free to wed, is that correct?

Sarah: I am his sister, that is correct.

Officer 2: Well then, The Great Pharaoh would like to see you, please come with us.

Narrator: So, Sarah went to the Palace, and Pharaoh thought she was soooo beautiful that he wanted to make her his wife. He was sooo pleased that Abraham had let him take Sarah, that he gave sheep, cows, donkeys, servants and camels. (Which would be like getting a Car, Truck, Freezer full of food, housecleaners, and a BIG FAT pay check today.) But…pretty soon, Pharaoh and his entire household became very very sick. And Pharaoh noticed that Abraham was very fond of Sarah, and she of him and he began to see them flirt all the time—then he figured things out.

Pharaoh: I command you officers to go and get Abraham and Sarah, his sister, right away.

Officer: Yes your majesty, we will go immediately.

Officer 2: Yes sir

Narrator: So, The officers went to get Abraham first.

Officer: Abraham, our Great King Pharaoh has commanded that you and your sister come before him immediately.

Officer 2: And I don’t think he was very happy, you do know that his whole household is sick, and miserable, even the servants. Even me, look at my horrid hives and spots, and that is just what you can see, not what is under my shirt, its even worse, because the shirt irritates my skin.

Officer: Yes, and for some strange reason, Pharaoh thinks that you have something to do with the diseases going around.

Abraham: Uh oh!

Narrator: The officers took Abraham along with them while they went to get Sarah.

Abraham: Oh, Sarah, before the officers say anything to you, let me tell you that I am very sorry, and you were right.

Officer: Sarah, Great King Pharaoh has commanded that you and your brother come before him immediately.

Officer 2: He thinks that you have something to do with all the sickness in his house.

Officer: Come with us.

Pharaoh: Ah! Abraham and Sarah, you have finally made it. Listen, I wish you would have told me the truth right up front. I would have let you pass through to your new home without a word. Instead you lied to me, and caused my whole house, even my servants to get sick. I am not happy with you, but I am not a cruel man. I have a mind to kill you or put you in jail, but, I cannot, my conscience won’t let me. Go Away from here.

Abraham: Oh, sir, I am so sorry, my wife did not want me to lie, but I forced her to because I was afraid. I…

Pharaoh: I don’t want any more excuses, get out of here. I don’t want to see your face again.

Narrator: And with that, Abraham left Egypt with his wife and all of his belongings. Now, you would think that Abraham would learn his lesson, but…a few months later the same thing happened again. Abraham and Sarah were now living in the country Gerar, but before they moved there he talked to Sarah again.

Abraham in Gerar

Characters: Abraham Sarah Abimelech Servant God

Abraham: Sarah, the people in the land we are about to make our home in, are not very nice to strangers, especially strangers with beautiful wives. I think we need to tell the sister story again.

Sarah: Oh, Abraham. You know what happened before. I nearly had to marry the king, and then when the truth came out, we almost got killed or put in jail.

Abraham: I know, I know, but it will be different this time. I am sure of it. I just don’t want to get killed, actually, I am kinda scared of the people in this country.

Sarah: Abraham, I refuse. This is so stupid. Don’t you trust God enough to tell the truth. I think it is worse to lie. At least if you tell the truth, you are obeying God.

Abraham: NO! I absolutely refuse to tell them the truth. Sarah, I know what will happen. It won’t be pretty. You MUST agree with me to tell them that you are my sister, and I am your brother. If you don’t…bad things will happen.

Sarah: Abraham, I cannot. I will not say anything at all. I will NOT lie again. It made me feel horrid. I will not disagree with you, but I will not assist you in lying either.

Narrator: Pretty soon, here came the kings servants for Sarah. Abraham had made it known the city that they were brother and sister. When the king saw her, he was overwhelmed with her GREAT beauty and grace. And now.. we see the same thing happen all over again.

Servant: Abraham,& Sarah, greetings from the Great King Abimelech. The Great King, wishes to see Sarah Immediately

Abraham: Uh Oh, here we go again

Sarah: I told you so!

Narrator: So, you guessed it. Sarah again appeared before the king. And I bet you can guess what happened.

Abimelech: Oh, Sarah, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined. I am prepared to offer you and your brother great gifts if you will please marry me. I cannot imagine life without you. Your eyes sparkle and your face is beautiful., More beautiful than any other woman in my kingdom.

Sarah: Thank you for the great honor and compliment my lord, but…

Abimelech: Servant, please take Sarah to the nicest room, and give her the best perfume and clothing that we have. Make sure that she has anything and everything that she needs and make sure that Abraham is paid for his sister.

Narrator: So, Sarah was taken to a beautiful room. More beautiful than any room we have ever been in. Imagine. Silk Sheets, Beautiful Tapestries & Paintings on the wall, Fresh Flowers in large vases, and drapes made of the riches fabrics imaginable. The floors were lined with the softest carpet, and the bed had the softest mattress that money could buy. There were candles glowing and plenty of food on the side table. There was Fruit, chocolate, and many different kinds of drink. There was gold and silver knobs on all the doors and dresser drawers. It was breathtaking. But Sarah was sad! She knew this was wrong, she could never marry a king. She was already married. That night, Abimelech was in for a surprise.

God: Abimelech, you are as good as a dead man! The woman in the next room is not single, she is married.

Abimelech: But, God, I did nothing wrong. I didn’t know that she was married, Abraham said that she was his sister. Will you really destroy a nation, because of this? I am innocent. I did nothing wrong. I have not touched her. Not even kissed her, I did this with a clear conscience.

God: I know you did this with a clear conscience, and that is precisely why I have stopped you now, before you wed her. Now, be sure and return her to her husband. If you don’t, you and everyone in your house will die! Mark my words.

Narrator: Early the next morning, Abimelech called all his servants and officials and advised them to go and get Abraham and Sarah(didn’t this happen once before)

Servant: Abraham, come with me, the king wants to see you and Sarah.

Abraham: Uh oh, I know what comes next. Maybe I should have listened to Sarah

Narrator: Duh—pretty soon, Abraham and Sarah appeared before the king.

Abimelech: I don’t understand you. Why did you lie to me. I was nearly killed, but your God spared my life. What is wrong with you? Why??

Abraham: I was afraid your highness-I thought you would kill me because of my wife and her great beauty.

Abimelech: I may be a King, but I do have morals and I don’t just kill for no reason. You have caused a lot of harm to me. The Lord is punishing me. Because I respect God and know that you are a prophet, I will let you continue to live here in this country. Since I have offended your God and Sarah, I will give you one thousand shekels of silver, sheep, cows and servants, to cover my offence. Please pray to your God, that he will remove the curse from my household. I cannot bear it.

Narrator: So, Abraham prayed to God, and repented for lying and asked him to remove the curse from Abimelech’s household. You see, God had caused all the women in the kings’ household (even the servants) to become barren (which means you can’t have a baby) because of Abimelech’s sin. After Abraham prayed, God was pleased and healed all the women in the kings’ household.

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Abrahamic Covenant

The Abrahamic Covenant described in Genesis 15 is a graphic tale of God’s commitment to us. Symbolically animals are torn apart and only God passes through the pieces indicating that he alone bears the penalty if the blood convenant is broken. In this worship activity students will carry a cross through items of value to the students that are laid out on the floor of the room. The cross is the place where God paid for the broken covenant. A detailed reading of the passage must precede the activity and students should only pass through the items laid out on a voluntary basis. Following this solemn activity songs of praise should be offered up in thanks for what God has done for us through Christ, honouring his commitment in the covenant

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Act It Out Tag

I learned this one in acting class. Have two people sit in two chairs in front of the group. They will start acting out any clean, unoffensive scenario, like maybe driving a car or eating popcorn and watching a movie. Since this is not charades, they can talk. The conversations can be pretty hilarious. Then someone, anyone from the group yells “Freeze!” and both people freeze right where they are. The person who yelled “Freeze!” goes up and tags one of the two people on the shoulder. That person has to sit down and the new person takes their place, and starts acting out some other scenario without telling the other person what it is. They have to try and go along with it! Be careful though because this can quickly evolve into a WWF Smackdown! The game continues pretty much until you get tired of it. New people keep yelling “Freeze!” and tagging one of the two people and taking their place. It’s really fun to see the creativity that kids come up with…

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Act It Out Tag – Variation

This is an idea that involves the game of “Act it Out Tag”. You could also divide kids into two groups. Each group sends a member up to the front to be in the scenario. The point is to be the group that keeps the scenario going the longest. When one of the group members thinks that his or her teammate is going to draw a blank on how to act out the scene any longer they say FREEZE and switch places.


The leader yells FREEZE and who ever is next in line for both groups (or alternating groups every other FREEZE) has to go replace his or her teammate. Each scene must last for at least X number of FREEZES(3-5) but can go longer. Could even have non-biased judges (leaders) to say which team did a more convincing job in the scene. FREEZE should be yelled pretty frequently to keep it going. Letting the kids choose the scene is pretty interesting!

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Acting is for All

Basically, this is a fun game for all, which can be adapted to suit any group or any theme!

Split your group in to smaller groups of between 3 and 8.
Then give each group a piece of paper with either 10 or 15 words on. They must then come up with a drama, normally about 2 or 3 minutes, can be longer, that contains every single word on the list!

This means you can choose the words to suit your group. For example if you are doing a session on Bullying, you could write down, bullying, teasing, and other words, or perhaps a session on justice, you could use words such as peace, war, fighting, etc etc!

This works well, because you can do very silly ones when you just want a game to play.

I like to use place names, celebrity names, people from the group, youht leader’s names! These are all quite good if you aren’t really looking to follow a theme but are just having fun!

As my group are quite competitive myself and othert leaders judged them at the end with pieces of paper and marks out of ten for different categories, like team-work, creativeness, acting skills, use of words, etc!

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Actions Speak Louder

Talk about actions speaking louder then words. At the end of the talk have the students follow these instructions (you will also be doing the instructions):

1. Hold your hand in the air.
2. Wiggle all five fingers.
3. Make a circle by connecting your thumb to your index finger.
4. Wiggle your other three fingers.
5. Tell the students to place the circle on their chin, but you place your circle on your cheek.

Most of the students will place the circle on their cheek because they are following what you doing and not what you’re saying. It helps to show the power of actions and the confusion that arises when word and actions contradict each other.

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