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Birdie on a Perch

This is a great game that is a lot of fun for players and observers. It can really be played anywhere with almost any number of people (well, more than two)

The leader calls out for everyone to get a partner. (this by itself can sometimes be a game…) Then, once everyone has a partner, the leader begins to call out various orders:
“Hand to head!” (one partner then must put their hand on the others head)
“head to head!” (obvious)
“finger to ear!” (usually gets them laughing)
go on giving orders (and obviously use discrection since many partners will be guy/girl)
Then, anytime the leader is ready, he/she yells out “Birdie on a perch!” This means one person must kneel on one knee and have the other knee up; which the partner quickly sits on. The last couple (or last few if you have a huge group) are out and must sit down.
This game gets quick, and fun as the competition rises and observers begin to pick their champions. Every once in a while it is fun to yell “birdie on a perch!”, let them get out and yell “birdie on a perch!” as the FIRST order (catches everybody off guard)
Have fun, this is a great game!

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Birthday Calendar

For several Sundays, have youth available the as congregation leaves. Youth write the members’ names or anniversary on the appropriate date on a calendar. Use the church directory so no one is left out. Then have youth help w/Print Shop or American Greetings Spiritual Greetings, etc., and make a 12 month calendar with all the names on the appropriate dates. Add personal testimonies, pictures of Sunday School classes, church info (service times, mission statement, how to be saved, so on) to each month. The more personal, the more they sell. We print them out and copy and assemble them with hole punch/string binding and a heavy bond front and back. Then sell the calendars for $10. Everybody will want one as a keepsake as well as a birthday reminder.

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Birthday Luncheon

Luncheons following Sunday morning worship are huge at our church. We pick a Sunday in the Spring/Summer months and plan a huge birthday party. We decorate our fellowship hall to look like a 5 year olds birthday party with streamers, balloons, banners, party hats and lots of party favors. I even have one parent that makes balloon sculptures as table decorations.

Then I recruit 12 great bakers in our church to make a different cake, one for each month of the year. We have one huge dessert table with all 12 cakes on it and we also serve ice cream! We also serve summer type foods – bake chicken, salad, a veggie and some sort of bread.

We announce the event in our monthly newsletter and then the week prior I send out personal invitations to everyone at church. This is a great time to celebrate everyone’s birthday in one huge party and I even have the youth go around and put “happy birthday” stickers on everyone and thank them for supporting our youth mission trip. We don’t charge for this meal but accept donations, we very rarely charge for our events because we bring in hundreds more in donations. Our suggestion for donation is $1 for every year you are born (i.e. $25 if you are 25 years old) or on the day you were born (i.e. July 19 would be $19). People get creative and have a great time. We have a small church and usually have around 80-100 each year at this dinner but we’ve raised over $2,000!

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Black Hole Soccer

This game of soccer works best with 2 teams of 3-6 players each. Two cones are placed in the center of a field about 10 to 15 feet apart. Each team tries to score a goal by kicking the ball through the goal in different directions. It’s a great way to play soccer without a lot of space required. We play with only 2 special rules: You can not run through the goal, and the ball must go across the goal on the ground. Having the 2 goalies standing in practically the same spot all game is often amusing.

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Black Spot

I got the idea for this game from reading Treasure Island. It also may be like some game I played when I was a kid, I forget.

Piece of paper and a pencil.
Candle (optional)

Number: 6-12 per circle

Tear up a sheet of paper into scraps (1 for each player). Mark one scrap with a large dot with the pencil. Put these scraps in a hat and have everyone choose one and show it to no one. Next have everyone look at their scrap to see who has the Black Spot. This should be kept a secret. Whoever has the Black Spot is now the Pirate. The Pirate’s goal is to “wink-out” everyone else in the circle by winking at them. Note: Only winks (one eye shut) work, blinks (both eyes shut) do not. Everyone must maintain eye contact with others in the circle. If you are “winked-out” by the pirate, you are out, and must turn away, lower your head, etc. Players not yet winked out try to observe the Pirate in his dastardly deeds and call him out by saying “The Pirate is none-other than_______” The person calling out must still maintain eye contact while reciting this phrase. This gives clever pirates a last chance to wink them out before they can finish the sentence.

Note: This game works very well in a small circle around a single candle. circles larger than 12 tend to be too big to see that someone’s winking at you.

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Blacklight Easter Egg Hunt

To put a twist on egg hunts for teens: Have a room that is able to be totally blacked out, By covering windows, etc. Hide the plastic eggs. (hint: blue ones are hardest to find, yellow easiest) Turn off the lights and turn on a blacklight (The tube light works better than a bulb) Have the teens come and crank some music to hunt to such as Nitro Praise. Then set a time limit and let ’em go. Winner with most eggs receives a cd, or shirt, or candy.

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Blah Blah Blah

This is a great improv game for your creative teens. Even if they’re not creative, they get a good laugh.
Pick 3 people… your funny, creative ones… and send them out of the room. The rest of the teens have to come up with 3 things… a famous person, a place everyone will know, and an object. We play it like a murder mystery. One of the teens who knows the three clues, gets one person from the other room and has to explain these clues to them by using actions and only saying BLAH BLAH BLAH. The one having it explained to them cues the person that they understand by saying “BLAH”. you can use any tone of voice you want to portray you’re point and even sing, but NO WORDS… only BLAH BLAH BLAH.
once the person thinks they’ve figured out the clues, they get the next person and have to do the same thing. Once the third person comes out, and they think they’ve got it, they explain who died, with what and where. Most of the time they’re right, but it’s really funny watching them trying to act it out.

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Blend Of Questions

Find three volunteers who have strong stomachs–the type who claim they’ll do anything! Next, pick three ‘teammates’ for each of your three volunteers.

Tell them that, as a team, they will have to answer a series of questions. For each wrong answer, the ‘volunteer’ on their team will have to take a chug of a drink. (The teams are not allowed to look up any answers…they can only discuss an answer as a team for about a minute)

Next, using a blender, blend up the items listed below in front of all the students. Tell the students that this is the ‘drink’ that they’ll have to chug for each wrong answer.

The team that takes the least number of ‘chugs’ wins.

Food to blend up:
baby food
chocolate syrup
a can of Soda
frozen veggies

Questions to ask:
– Barack Obama is what number president? (A: 44th)

– What is the capital of the state of California? (A: Sacramento)

– In what European city can you find the Notre Dame cathedral, home of the fictitious Hunchback of Notre Dame? (A: Paris)

– What is the third book of the Bible? (A: Leviticus)

– How many feet are in a mile? (A: 5,280 ft.)

– Ask a question about your specific church
(Ex. What year was our church founded?)

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Need: 2 volunteers.
4 (blendable) nice items of food.
4 (blendable) disgusting items of food.
a blender.

First of all you give them 4 challenges to do, it could be anything from questions to games. The volunteer who does the challenge he best, gets to put a nice item of food into his/her cup. The person that does the challenge the worst, has to put a disgusting item of food into their cup.

When all the Challenges have been completed, and each volunteer has got 4 items of food in their cup. you simply blend the voluteers items of food that they had in their cup, and see who can drink their “drink” the fastest!

Pretty disgusting but always a great laugh!

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Bless Your Pastor

In studying through the Old Testament at youth meetings, we arrived at the instance of Miriam and Aaron’s rebellion against Moses. This led to a discussion on authority, as well as how God designed authority to work. This could also work for the passage of Scripture which relates Korah’s rebellion. Though youth are tempted to view teachers/parents/pastor/youth leader as people in authority who just enjoy bossing them around, the truth is that they have a huge responsibility in caring for those in their charge, and they will answer to God for how well they fulfilled this role.

We have a really good group of youth, and after discussing just how important it is to honor our pastor/elders/etc, they were willing to participate in an exercise the following Sunday morning at church. We have a small church (about 60-70) and our pastor often asks for spur-of-the moment testimonies on Sunday mornings before he preaches. Our surprise for him and his wife was that one at a time, the youth stood up to give “testimonies” of how much they appreciate our pastor and his wife, with specific examples. One said that our pastor’s wife is a tremendous worshiper, and she learned from her. Another said that he appreciated their example, another their sincerity and obvious love for the flock. Since the youth were creative, specific and authentic in their remarks, this was all the more effective. By the time all who wanted to say something had done so, our pastor and his wife were in tears. They were so encouraged. Some of our youth didn’t want to stand up and say anything because of a fear of speaking to a crowd, and I didn’t oblige them. I did heartily encourage them, however, to overcome their fears in order to bless others in this way, and those who did were really glad that they had done so.

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