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Q-Tip War

You will need 10 Q-tips and a straw for each participant. Divide into 2 teams. Divide your room into 2 sections. Each team gets a section. Object of the game is for each player to use their straw to blow Q-tips one at a time into the other group’s section. Set a time limit (3-5 minutes) and call time giving a warning 30 seconds before. Each player may pick up Q-tips blown on their side and blow them back to opponents side until time is called. After time limit, count how many Q-tips are on each side. Team with the least amount wins.

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Dueling Carolers

Divide into 2-4 groups. Give each group time to come up with as many Christmas carols as they can. After time is called, each group takes turns singing part of a Christmas carol on their list. If any other group has the same carol on their list, no points are given. If no other group has the carol on their list, they get 100 points. Keep it fast paced. Groups should mark off carols already sung. Group with the most points at the end wins.

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