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Chubby Bunny – WARNING!

For those of you that are not aware… a young girl has died while playing Chubby Bunny. With a mouth full of marshmallows, they became very slippery and became lodged in her throat and she choked on them. This was reported on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1999.

Although Chubby Bunny has been played for years without such incident (at least none reported), one death or injury is one too many and we strongly encourage you NOT to play this game with your youth. We also ask that if you see other game sites that have posted this activity, please encourage them to post a similar notice. Thank-you.

Christopher Fane
EGAD! Ideas Administrator

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Egg Drop Contest

This is something I did when I was in youth and am going to do tomorrow night with my youth group. Make teams of 3 or 4 and give them a egg. Allow them to look around the church or surrounding property for materials to make a container than will protect the egg from a high drop onto cement/pavement. You can provide some basics like tape, or newpaper, etc to help them construct the containers. After 15 mins or so, gather them together and drop their containers from a large height (high ladder, church roof, indoor balcany, etc.). The teams with eggs that survive will move to the next round and must repack their egg in their container for another drop. Keep this up until one remains and award a prize to the winning team. Note that you may want to limit the size of the containers to shoebox size or smaller, or else you just know that some clown will find a garbage can and fill it with newspapers or something. 🙂

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Dodgeball Revenge

This is a dodgeball variation that one of my students came up with.

Normal dodgeball rules apply:
– you’re not out on a bounce
– you’re not out if you catch a ball
– you’re out if you try to catch a ball, and drop it
– if someone catches a ball, we don’t call the original thrower out as some people don’t throw as hard as others and their throws can be easy to catch
– cross the center line and you’re out
– hit someone in the head and you’re out
– one warning for a wild throw (out of control head level throws). Make two and you’re out

The difference with this game is that when someone takes you out, you don’t leave the playing field, you just sit down (we use elephant skin balls so the students can safely sit in the middle of the floor – you may want them to sit off to the side).

The student (Student A) who is out, watches the person who hit them (Student B) and as soon as that person is taken out, Student A is back in the game. If you’re called out because you cross the centre line or make a wild throw, a leader will assign someone on the other team as the person who needs to get out for you to get back in the game.

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