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Animal Farm

In this game the more people the better. We played this with over 20 people and it was so much fun. First you need to have an even amount of people. Then you write down the name of animals on pieces of paper. (Eg. Duck, cow, camel) Write each animal twice on two separate slips of paper. Then hand out to each person a piece of paper with the name of an animal on it. They then have to find the other person in the group who has the same animal as…

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This is great as an icebreaker. Could be played outdoors if you wish. Basically, you get people wandering around, you may want to make they hop about or skip, then the leader shouts out a type of bean and they have to do the actions: Chillie Bean – Shiver like you’re cold Jumping Bean – Jump up and down Broad Bean – Squat down and up Runner Bean – Run around Kidney Bean – Laugh until your sides split Baked…

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Beautiful Feet

This is a cool activity/ice breaker to do with a group (the larger the better) that know each other fairly well (at least by sight and name). If you have a petition of some sort (or you can get leaders to hold up a long blanket, as long as the students cannot be seen) get all but one student (this student should know everyone’s names) to go to the other side of the petition and take off their shoes and socks. The group should line up…

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Bible Pararaph Puzzle

This is a great Ice Breaker for those know-it-alls of the bible. The following paragraph has exactly 30 books of the bible hidden inside: There are 30 books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them? This is a most remarkable puzzle. It was found by a gentleman in an airplane seat pocket, on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, keeping him occupied for hours. He enjoyed it so much, he passed it on to some friends. One friend from…

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Bubble Gum Challenge

…This is a simple icebreaker. Take a package of good bubble gum. Ask for Volunteers, take bubble gum and chew to music and blow a bubble. The person who has the biggest bubble wins. Make things interesting ie. boys vs. girls, or if you have multiple age groups, Jr. High vs. HS. It is a simple event if you do it to loud music and get everyone yelling it is a pretty good start of a youth night….

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Crazy Jumble

To play this game you must get your group in a large circle, either inside or out. Everyone is given a slip of scrap paper and something to write with. Each Member writes down a “crazy” thing to do. Such as “Sing the Barney Song” or “Hop up and down on one foot”, or whatever else they may find silly. The timer is set for 30 seconds, and everyone passes around their piece of paper. The first person opens their…

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Do You Love Your Neighbor?

This is a game favorite of our youth and can be played with large or small groups. Everyone forms a circle of chairs with one less chair than people. A person is chosen to stand in the middle. They point to anyone in the circle and say “Do you love your neighbor?” If they answer “yes” then the two people on either side must quickly exchange places before the person in the middle gets to one of the empty chairs. If they…

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1800+ Youth Group Games, Ice Breakers, and Team Building Games We have tons of youth group games, fundraisers, Bible study lessons, Sunday School illustrations, activities, resources, team games, and ideas for those who work with youth. Each one has been tried and tested by those currently working in student ministry so you can be assured that you will only find quality, timeless, free ideas that you and your students will enjoy. About The Collection: The name "EGAD!" represents that sinking feeling every youth worker gets when we realize that youth night is coming quickly and we have nothing prepared. EGAD! is here to provide resources ...Read more

Interaction Cards

Getting kids to talk with one another is often difficult. To get kids to interact, I have developed four levels of interaction cards (beginner to spiritual fellowhip) that first give hints at better communication then pose questions for each of the members of a pair. (the cards are included below) To start, distribute beginner level cards to students who were born on an even day of the month. Have them go sit beside someone who does not have a…

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Officer On Deck

Purpose: Ice Breaker or energy building exercise, that can be used to divide students into groups, and also get their attention or allow them to use energy throughout a retreat day. Preparation/ Required Material: No materials required. The area must be free of chairs and desks, etc… People need to find a partner with whom they will work. Say: “Okay, when I say officer on deck every needs to jump to attention, like this (demonstrate…

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